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Other World Computing features high-performance SSDs, hard drives, RAM, controller cards, Drive Enclosures, video cards, software and more. They also have installation videos/guides for upgrades and tech support for Mac owners.
Before you buy your next Mac upgrade, make sure you check the OWC Xlr8YourMac site specials page and their Upgrade search engine.

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Newer Technology has offered various Mac Upgrades, MiniStack external drives with integrated Firewire/USB hubs, Universal Drive Adapters (USB to SATA/IDE/ATAPI), Batteries for Mac Notebooks and more.

Visit their web site at:

    Since day one in April 1997, this site has always pulled no punches and strived to 'tell it like it is' in the daily news and reviews (Systems, CPU Upgrades, Video cards, Storage, Tips/Tricks and more). Because of that, I will never have the number of sponsors possible with a different focus.

    I want to thank my Sponsors and Readers (the best!) for helping me continue to be able to keep this site alive and growing. As basically a one man show that has never done any promotion personally, it would not have been possible without their help. The worldwide readership's participation has been fantastic and I can't thank them enough.

    I work day and night to support Mac owners, via mail in addition to interesting/useful news, photo-illustrated upgrade guides, mods and reviews since 1997. Please consider my sponsors when you are looking to buy Macintosh hardware and software.
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