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More Dual G4/800 Owner Reports of Processor Error at Boot:

Last Updated: 9/17/2001

After the post in Friday's news regarding 3 reports of a processor error noted at boot ("The Built-in processor test found a problem with one of your processors. Please contact a technician") on some Dual G4/800 systems, I received several more emails from owners of DP800 systems saying they had seen the same thing. Every report of this so far said they had seen it happen only once, and that the Apple hardware test CD showed no errors. I suggested any owners seeing this error should still call Apple to report it, just in case there were issues seen later that there was a documented case number on record.

" Mike -
You can add me to the list of people with the processor error.. It happened at around the 3rd or 4th bootup of a brand new system after attempting to install OS X 4S10 ontop of my original 4Q10 installation. The install never finished properly and upon reboot into OS 9 I received the processor error message. I have had the machine about 3 weeks now and it hasn't occurred again.
Dan "

" Hi,
I have a G4-800DP as well, and I saw that message once as well. This was during the phase where I was moving old hard drives into my new machine.

I was having problems after adding SCSI and IDE drives, with my machine hanging, Finder exiting after start up, and I even saw that message once. It was really strange - I could add each hard drive individually and things would work, , but if I added them all together, I would see problems.

I eventually got everything to work by copying files and low-level formatting the old drives.

I think it might have been because I had old FWB drives on the hard disks, and they don't like the multiple processors or something like that. [I'd make sure the FWB driver version was compatible with OS 9.2 and not sure if they have OS X compatible drivers yet - checking FWB's knowledge base found this item (dated 4/4/2001) this item which is almost confusing. Noting that "Unfortunately, we do not yet have an OS X compatible version of Hard disk Toolkit. If you have Formatted/Partitioned or used the Update Driver feature on your hard drive with HDT 4.0/4.5, you should be able to install OS X.
Our engineers are looking into adding OS X support for a future version of Hard Disk Toolkit. ". I don't know if this means the drivers are compatible and just not the utilities, but I'd prefer to use Apple's drivers on disks used in a system that was using OS X.-Mike

The message scared the crap out of me for a bit (I thought I static-ized the motherboard adding my drives), but running the HW Diagnostic afterwards, it said everything is ok. And, I surely am using both processors now :o)

I'm glad other people are seeing this too since:
1: The more the better - more likely to get fixed
2: We might be able to determine the root cause
3: I'm now convinced that I didn't screw up my motherboard :o)
Motoko "

" Hey Mike,
I got my dual 800 Aug 21 and within a few days, I got that processor warning. Immediately ran the Hardware Test CD, which reported no errors, and called Apple Tech Support. So far no credible explanation has emerged except possible CPU seating error. So far the machine running fine. Both processors are running.
Irving "

" This happened to me once. I tried to put the machine to sleep but it had locked up during that process. (OS 9) I used the reset switch on the front to reboot. I then got the processor error.

I ran the hardware check also and it found no problems. I shut the machine down and left it off for a bit. It has since booted fine. I figured it was related to sleep somehow. I haven't tested this since soon after I installed Sonnets ATA66 card which does not support deep sleep.
Jason "

I don't think sleep is related, since the other reports didn't note any relation to sleep mode.

A follow-up from a reader's comments from Friday:

" Dear Mike
Thank you for your e-mail.
I did call apple, and what the tech person tells me is that this is "ok" as long as it don't repeat itself again. It does sometimes happen in OS 9.2.1....
and it shouldn't cost any damage to the machine....
Jin W. "

(the original owner comments noted in Friday's news for those that missed it)

" I just got a delightful error on startup - "The Built-in processor test found a problem with one of your processors. Please contact a technician" Great. I checked around and found about a half dozen others having this problem also. Some people are saying that this means one processor has quit working, but mine both still work. I have the processor monitor open as we speak, and my Cinabench tests show the right scores. Since that error, I have restarted up 5 times and no error. I even ran the hardware check cd-no problems.

" Dear Mike
... I just bought a Dual 800 from apple, Tonight when I started up my computer in the classic OS [9.2.1] my computer is telling me that one of the process is no longer working. Although it did boot into the OS without any more problems, but when I open the "Apple System Profiler" the 2 process become 1!!!

I was shocked, after that I restarted my computer again, this time without a problem I booted back into the Classic OS [without any error msg.]. and when I open the system profiler again it has 2 rather than one processes in the window...

I just wondering, should I call apple or this is "normal" in the dual process computers, or my computer is on the edge of dying (I hope not)...

This happened about 3 hours ago, I did boot back into OS X again and the process meter shows two meters rather than one and both works :)

I hope maybe you can ask other users on your website if the have the same problem or not :)
Jin W.

Dual 800
1.12 GB Ram
two 40GB HD one is 7200 and one is 5400 both made by IBM "

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