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Dual G4/800 Info/Comments/Performance:
Last Updated: 8/16/2001 3PM
(added comments on OS versions, etc.)
This page is a catch-all for early owner info/photos, etc. of the new Dual G4/800MHz systems.

(Latest DP 800 info listed first)

Reader Michael McHargue sent a few comments on performance tests and photos of his new G4/800 Dual Processor system.

" This is a G4 dual 800 MHz with 1.5 GB of RAM with VM off (it must be with that much RAM).

I have 2 ATA 100 80 GB hard drives and a GeForce 3.
There is a soundblaster live card installed.

iMovie tests (999999K allocated to iMovie): 1:40
worse than your 733 test!
[The Digital Audio G4/733 system completed this test in 1:32 (8 seconds faster). See this review-Mike]
Maybe I did something wrong?
I'll try it with less RAM given, that could be a problem?
[I'm not sure, but I had only the default 28.5MB of RAM allocated to iMovie2. I asked that he test again with with a similar allocation and also checking the version of QT installed. (As noted in that article I also disabled all ATI extensions, Multiple Users and extensions for hardware not used like Palm, USB MP3 players etc. that I do on all systems as a general rule.) That system also had no SBlive card/extensions installed.
Also it appears that as noted in my past iMovie 2 dual vs single G4 tests, iMovie2/QT still does not support dual processors (at least in OS 9.x). QT 4 vs QT 5 however showed a dramatic boost. -Mike

AltiVec Fractal:
2.5 seconds, 5,371.2 MegaFLOPS
(see below for another dual 800 owner's results noting higher rates-Mike)

G4 Time Demo:
87.7 FPS

[he later wrote
My system is running Mac OS 9.2.1 and Mac OS X 10.0.4 Build 4S10.

QT is 5.0.2.
I'll rerun the iMovie test in a few minutes.
[he later reported times were the same as before.-Mike]

PPC Checker says the CPU is unknown, but here is the PVR: 0x80000201.
[That's proof it's not a 2.0 rev, most likely a 2.1 stepping of the 7450 chip-Mike]
Mike McHargue "

(OS X tests would be interesting also - especially with a DP 800, although many professional apps are not OS X native yet, so most will likely use OS 9.x for Photoshop and other pro apps for now.)

G4/800 DP CPU/Heatsink

G4/800 DP motherboard

(DP 800 owner comments from 8/15/2001)

" Mike,
We had some dual 800 MHz machines ship to our store today and I was able to run the Altivec fractal demo (carbon) in both OS X and OS 9.2.

We were running version 10.0.4 with 384 megs of RAM, 80 gig, etc. Running on OS X, I was able to squeak out 5,738.7 megaflops or about 5.7 gigaflops using the settings of 65536 for Maximum count, 10 for color speed, and 2 for zoom factor. With all of the same settings on Mac OS 9.2, I was able to achieve 6,138.5 megaflops or about 6.1 gigaflops.

For comparison's sake, my dual 533 system will eek out about 4 gigaflops using the aforementioned settings. On an 867 MHz G4 system, I am able to achieve about 2.9 gigaflops using the same settings.

I am including some screen shots of the dual 800 system only (one is in OS X and the other is in OS 9.2.1) and hope that you will post them so your readers can see the performance advantage of a second processor.
Matt "

If any other Dual G4/800 owners would like to submit info/test results, etc. email me.
Note: The G4/733 with Geforce3 review includes notes on real world tests and benchmarks, with links to download benchmarks used. I'd also be curious to know what CPU revision is in the Dual 800 systems. Use PPC Checker to check. (If it reports "unknown revision", it's a later than rev 2.0 7450 CPU version.)

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