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PowerMac G4 Gigabit Ethernet in a 9600 Case
Or Beige Is Beautiful!
By Robert C. Word
Published 9/22/2002

    Disclaimer/Warning: This page is for entertainment only and is not guaranteed 100% accurate. Performing modifications or other work inside your Mac will void your Apple warranty, may cause damage to your computer or result in personal injury. The author and site publishers do not recommend attempting any of the mods listed here. You assume all risk from the use of any of the information in this article.

Installing the power supply

Modifying the Power Supply

The G4 power supply's cables are far too short to reach the power connector on the mother board, drives on the base of the case, and the case fan. I spent a good four hours soldering 30" extension wires to the cables.

modified PS

Dissembling the 9600 Case

With the power supply and mounting plate prepared, I was ready to install them in the case. The first step was to remove all of the plastic bits from the case. They come off easily with some careful pressing and pulling. I didn't want to break anything here! With the plastic parts removed I will be able to install the logic board stand-offs.

There's a lot of parts here!

9600 case parts

The parts in the next picture aren't going to be any use to me. They include the floppy drive, various cables, a 9600 logic board access plate, and the 9600 logic board stand-offs. I stuffed these in a bag for safekeeping.

unsed parts

Installing the Power Supply

Here is the G4 power supply installed in the case.

Upright Front
Upright Above

I used some brass washers to set the PS away from the mounting bracket. This was necessary to accommodate the power outlets and the fan grill. You can see the spacers below.

PS spacers

G4 Gigabit in 9600 Case Article Contents:

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Parts and Budget

Page 3: Custom Parts

Page 4: Installing the Power Supply

Page 5: Installing the Logic Board

Page 6: The Final Product


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