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Overclocking iBook 2002 (Hardware Mods)
By: Aaron Cooper
Posted: 5/15/2003

Disclaimer/Caution: This article is for entertainment purposes only. The author nor the site publisher assumes any liability for modifications you make to your iBook, which voids the warranty and overclocking may affect short or long term reliability. Incorrectly done modifications may cause immediate system damage.

hi mike, for some time now it was bothering me that nobody else has posted a hardware overclock for the 2002 Ibook. (last year there were reports here on using an early version of Apple's CHUD tools to software control the 750FX G3 CPU speed - the first PowerPC to date that allowed adjusting CPU speeds (not just cache speed) via Software. Apple quickly revised the CHUD tools to remove that feature within days of that article being posted and initial iBook owner reports last month using Powerlogix's CPU Director utility were not good in general.-Mike)

After getting inside, however, I found that it's a rather daunting task compared to the 2001 Ibook. the newer Ibooks have smaller resistor sets and 5 resistors to control clock speed as compared to the 4 in the 2001. I have a few attachments to better illustrate the procedure. I skipped over the take apart because I used the original take apart from the 2001 article (here).
I removed one resistor and I am now at 900mhz a noticeable boost from the original 800mhz. I have not tried higher speeds because of past experience with overclocking. For anyone willing to try this I don't recommend it unless you are sure of your abilities inside your Ibook, your warranty will be void and you could very well toast your computer.

i would assume that the layout inside the 700mhz ibooks and the new 900mhz ibooks are quite similar to mine. The PLL charts should be easy to read. the PLL settings listed on the chart are read from left to right to match up with the actual resistor settings next to the CPU. I will post another update as to the long term stability, so far 1 week and no problems under any processor intensive load. no noticeable temperature increase in overall operation, still only warm to the touch on the outside.
-Aaron Cooper
Endymion Accelerators Inc.


PLL resisors

ASP Screenshot at 900MHz

He also sent a page from an IBM 750FX PDF file that shows the PLL/multiplier settings.

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