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Follow-Up on Quicksilver and Full RAM Slots:
Published: 8/3/2001
Last updated: 8/7/2001
Last Friday's news here had a report from a new G4 Quicksilver owner about problems he saw (memory errors) with three 256MB dimms installed (all three from the same company, all had 16 chips on the dimms). Other Quicksilver owners replied to that post with their experiences with aftermarket RAM in those systems.

Tip: Two readers have written to say that zapping the PRAM (command+option+P+R keys held down at boot until the mac chimes 3 times) may solve this problem.

" I've received 6 units of the new Quicksilver 733s and ordered extra 2 pieces of Kingston 256 MB dimms for each of these units, they work fine in OS9.2 but the moment I try to boot to X, it hangs at the happy face with the coloured breach ball spinning about 4 times. when I take out the 2 256 MB dimms and use the stock 128 MB dimm, OS X boots fine. in OS9 Apple system profiler, it lists all the dimms as CL3.

(I asked if the dimms had 8 or 16 chips on them-Mike)
sorry about that, yah it's 8 chips per side. At first I thought it's that first set of ram, but I tried the other 12 pieces of dimms on 3 different Quicksilver 733s and they all have the same problem. OS X dies on startup screen.
Kelvin L. "

" I have a G4 Quick Silver 867 with all slots populated with 256 (2-2-2) and running fine.

(I asked if the dimms were all 16 chip versions or if any had only 8 chips-Mike)

Brad B. "

" I have 3 x 512MB ram modules in my new QuickSilver 867. Though the profiler in OS 9 and OS X states they are CL2, the chips are clearly marked CL3. I have had zero problems with this memory. They were purchased from RamJet and as stated there are up to Apple spec. ...
The chips say JetRam on them. I have 16 chips per DIMM module x 3 for 1.5 GB.
S. "

" Mike,
Running a G4 Quicksilver 867 MHZ with one stock (Apple OEM) 128MB RAM DIMM and (2) 512MB aftermarket DIMMS. All slots are populated (3). The added DIMMS are CL 322 PC-133 from OWC (their own label). Not ONE problem noted.

Please note that the DIMMS are 16 chip type.
William "

"signed on to the site just as i was on the phone with OWC about a 256MB PC133 CL2 168 Pin DDRam chip i just purchased for my quicksilver 867...

installed it in the second slot - got the three tones/no boot.
installed it in the 3rd slot - was fine.
out of curiousity moved the preinstalled 128mb DIMM into the second slot - was fine.
thought well - maybe i didn't get it in all the way the first time - moved the 256mb dimm back into the second slot - 3 tones/no boot again.

OWC says they've never heard of such a thing - but are sending a replacement DIMM (which i changed to 512 CL3 just in case there's an issue with 256mb DIMMS).

may not have a relationship with mack w's problem...but then again....

just an aside - did call apple about those tones and the slots - they said it had to be the ram if their chip worked in the second slot....and they didn't have an updated list to indicate what different tones might mean.

saw the amendment to the news item requesting chip info:
here's the complete description from OWC:
256MB PC133 CL2 168 Pin SDRam 2-2-2 (16x8 based)1.15" w/ Lifetime Warranty (TPC16X8PC133256CL2)
cb "

" I have a 733 Quicksilver BTO with a 60 GB HD (Maxtor), 256 MB DIMM and SCSI card (Adaptec 2930/Apple). I installed two 512 MB DIMM (OWC# TP32X8PC133SD512 - 512MB PC133 CL3 168 Pin SDRam 3-2-2 (32x8 based)) and have had no problems with memory.

(Questions I asked are in italics-Mike)

1) are the two 512MB dimms the only ones installed?
No. All three are installed - the OEM 256 and the two OWC 512.

2) Do all the dimms installed have 16 chips on them?
(8 on each side). From the 32x8 comments, I assume the 512MB's have 8 chips per side, but does the apple 256MB have 8 chips or 16?

The 512's have 8 on each side - I will have to check Monday at the office but I think the Apple OEM 256 had 8 on one side
Dennis P. "

" Hi Mike,
in my Quicksilver G4 733 are all 3 DIMM-Slots filled.

DIMM0   128 MB Hyundai CL3 16 chips (stock DIMM from Apple)

DIMM1   256 MB   16 chips

DIMM2   512 MB Legacy   16 chips

I've noticed no problems so far.
greetings from germany
stefan "

" Hi, this is regarding the ram problem in the new quicksilver G4's. I was able to boot my 867 with all the ram slots full(apple 128meg/8chip/CL3 plus 2 512meg/16 chip/CL2 el cheapo ram) but FreeHand 9 constantly crashed and the comp. would sometimes lockup. I removed the Apple dimm and now the computer is exceptionally stable. I doubt the Apple dimm is bad. It probably is another kind of issue. By the way, this 867 is fabulous!
Larry C. "

" Mike,
I've had a QS G4 since a day after the keynote, It's an 867mhz version, bought from the apple store in tysons. I ordered three 256mb DIMMs from www.datamem.com and have been running with all the slots filled ever since. The entire 768MB of RAM is seen under both OS 9.2 and OS X 10.04. The System profiler reports the DIMMs run at CL3 speed, if that makes any difference.
The DIMMs appear to be 16 chip DIMMs (8 each side.)
Michael S. "

" Hi Mike
I bought the 256 PC133 CL2 2-2-2 chip that OWC offers. When I placed in the middle memory slot on my G4 867 last night I got the three beeps at startup. I took it out and the system booted with the Apple RAM. I then opened the machine back up and installed the OWC RAM in the other slot, leaving the middle RAM slot open and it booted fine. Keep in mind that I tried re-seating my RAM in that middle slot many times without any luck. I am buying a third stick from OWC this week, I will let you know if I have any problems with three sticks running.

Here is my RAM breakdown:

  • Memory :
    ? RAM Size = 402,653,184 Bytes (384.0 MB)
    [size,type,cur CAS,min CAS,max CAS,dimm refresh,volts, pins,width,mfg,part#,mfg date,ser#]
    + Module 1 = 128MB, PC133-333-520 SDRAM, CAS-3 
    @133MHz|7.5ns, CAS-3 @133MHz|7.5ns, CAS-3 
    @133MHz|7.5ns, 15.625us, 3.3v, 168, 128, Samsung, 
    M3 66S1723CTS-C75 , 0/28, -1937047297
    + Module 2 = 256MB, PC133-222-520 SDRAM, CAS-3 
    @133MHz|7.5ns, CAS-2 @133MHz|7.5ns, CAS-3 
    @143MHz|7.0ns, 15.625us, 3.3v, 168, 128, ?, 
    PRINCETON, 15/FF, -256 

    Anthony "

  • " I just received my G4 867 yesterday. I added 2-512mb PC133 dimms from Coast to Coast Memory to the 128mb dimm that was factory installed. No problems; left it running all night and it was fine in the morning. The system profiler states the RAM being CL2. I'd give you more detailed info on the chips etc, but it's my home machine, and I am at work....

    Definately LOUD though! Lots of hot air being blown out the back of the case....
    The NBC Agency, MAGIC Room "

    " Hallo, With reference to your article about 3 RAM DIMM's in a QuickSilver G4 I thought I let you know my experience.

    Right after I bought the QuickSilver G4/733MHz (some 2 weeks ago) I removed the standard 128MB Apple DIMM and put 3 DIMM's of 256MB each in the 3 slots.

    These are Infineon SDRAM modules which I bought at the nearest PC store. The marking says it's PC 133 with CL3 timing. There are 16 chips on the module that are all marked:

    Strange thing is that when I examine the amount of memory with Apple System Profiler it identifies the memory as PC133 CL2
    [I noted the same thing was seen with an OEM 333 PC133 dimm in a Digital Audio G4/733 - ASP reported it as CL2 when the dimm and the chips checked out as CL3. See my comments on this issue noted in July 27th news page. -Mike]

    Until now I have not experienced any problem with these memory modules. With kind regards, Klaas de Jong "

    This reader noted a problem with an older G4 system with all ram slots full with 512MB dimms.

    " Mike,
    We don't have a QS (yet), but we do have three G4s. We ran into a similar problem on my wife's G4/400 AGP. We tried to put 3 512MB DIMMs in to max out at 1.5GB of RAM, but the machine wouldn't boot. We tried swapping modules out and found none were defective. If we stuck with just two of the 512s we could load the remaining two slots with 128s without problem. (We left a slot empty with the 3 512 set-up). It seems as though we should be able to max out the RAM on any of the machines, but so far, we haven't come up with a working plan.
    Robert R."

    (the original report from the Friday 8/3/2001 news page follows)

    " Just a tip for those that are getting new QuickSilver G4's. We got 2 in yesterday, and ordered 256 MB DIMMS. I put 3 in today, and got an memory failure, three tones on boot - no memory banks passed test.

    I tried different combinations to see if it may have been a bad slot. Turns out that if I have just 2 of the new dimms in, or the 2 new dimms in and the stock dimm from Apple, it works fine, but it will not boot if all three of the new dimms are in. When we called the vendor, it turns out that they didn't even have a QuickSilver machine to test ram in, they their page says that it should be compatible. They assumed like we did that the ram for the old G4's would work in the new one. Sounds like a timing issue.
    Just a warning, be careful when ordering or swapping ram from an older G4, it may not work.
    Mack W.
    Macintosh Support Specialist
    Apple Certified Technician
    National Human Genome Research Institute "

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