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USB Internal Hub in B&W G3
Posted: 2/11/2002

Note: the day after this was posted, a reader sent his comments/photos on a Internal Firewire/USB Hub Mod in the ZIP bay of his G4 tower. (Also includes photos of his home Rack system of A/V components, including the G4 system.)

A reader sent an email and photos of his internal USB Hub mod for his B&W G3.

" Hey Mike,
Thought you might like to see this. I got tired of having to move my computer every time I had to plug in my digital camera or anything that needed a powered usb port. So I bought a pc internal 4 port usb hub and replaced my all but useless zip drive.
Best of all my zip bezel works great with no modification.
Christian G.
LAH Real Estate Inc. "

I assumed the USB cable was routed outside and plugged into one of the rear USB ports on the Mac. (He later sent a photo showing the cable rounted out a PCI slot to the external USB ports. I added the photo below)

USB internal Mounted

Cable routing

USB internal hub kit

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