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Add Your Own Logo in Virtual PC's System Properties Dialog:
Last Updated: 4/12/2001, 11:17 AM
Sort of off-topic, but may be of interest to some readers. If you have Virtual PC and would like your own Logo to appear in the "System Properties" dialog box, here's how. (I put the AccelerateYourMac! logo there in this example.)

If you select the "My Computer" icon in Windows (under VPC or otherwise) and right click (2 button mouse, usually shift Click with the Mac, or whatever modifier key you've selected in VPC's settings) - you'll see the following dialog which in Virtual PC normally shows the Connectix icon and info. In the example below you'll see I've replaced this with my site logo.

Win98 dialog

Windows provides a way to do this for OEM's (computer mfrs) to allow them to put their own logo there along with support info (seen when pressing the Support button). I saw this done years ago when some local companies used to build their own clones. A recent copy of Maximum PC magazine has the info also, which was a reminder that triggered me to do this on my Powerbook with Virtual PC.

The logo and support info are controlled by the files "OEMlogo.bmp" and "Oeminfo.ini" in the Windows\System folder for Windows 95, 98 and Me (WinNT\System32 folder for NT/Win2000). Make backup copies of these files in case you want to revert back to them.

The Oeminfo.ini file can be edited in Notepad or any windows text editor. The OEMlogo.bmp file has a max size of 180 pixels wide, and 114 pixels high. To make the background the correct matching color (shade of gray), You can use the original file as a way to sample the background when you create your own logo. I used Mac Photoshop to create the file, grabbing my logo and scaling it, then selecting the white space and replacing it with the gray/transparent color. After you've modified the files, copy them to the Windows/system folder you're done. (If you're using NT or Windows 2000, the files go in the WinNT\System32 folder.)

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