Imagine 128 Hawkeye v4.50 Illustrated Features
(1997 Mac Graphics Card Review)
Hawkeye status
Provides information of the type of card, model/series, Horizontal scan rate, bios revision and driver version.

Hawkeye Config
Allows enabling general acceleration, Quickdraw3D* and QuickTime acceleration*, and font cache size*
(* indicates feature or disable option not found in Twin Turbo)

Screen Saver:
Hawkeye Screen Saver
Various screen saver options, include DPMS options.

Gamma Correction:
Hawkeye Gamma
Allows adjusting monitor gamma to match printed output.

Zoom Settings:
Hawkeye Zoom
Multiple* Zoom settings can be defined here.
(* indicates feature not found in Twin Turbo)

Cursor Options:
Hawkeye Cursor
#9's exclusive "Chameleon Cursor™"

Window Drag (retains window image):
Hawkeye Window Drag

As you can see, the Hawkeye has the most feature rich set of controls of the two, and I found the Chameleon Cursor  especially useful for cursor identification on the large monitors at high resolution. It also appears a lot more "polished" than the Twin Turbo's, but that's just asthetics.

Other exclusive features like the adjustable font cache and "window drag" options are nice touches. When window drag is enabled moving a windows maintains its contents instead of changing to an outline - and even maintains its image on the 8500's monitor as well.

For these reasons the Hawkeye v4.50 control panel was deemed to have the best feature set.

To view the Twin Turbo Control panel, click here

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