How I tested:
Test System:
All tests were run on a Apple 8500 PowerMac with a 200mhz CPU (50mhz bus speed). This speed was chosen due to it being a common one for graphics designers  (a PowerLogix Pro CPU card was used in the 8500 - which made setting the cpu and bus speeds very easy). The 8500 has a 1 meg PowerLogix L2 cache and 128 megs of 60ns TI memory purchased from MacGurus. The system has a 4x Apple CDrom and two 2gig hard disks, the stock Apple/Seagate and a Seagate ST32550N Barracuda. Both disks are partitioned into two volumes.

Two monitors were used during the tests - an Apple/Sony Multiscan 20" (rescued at a University auction) and a Dell/Mitsibishi 21" Diamondtron.

The 8500 was running Mac OS version 7.6.1, with Quicktime 2.5, QuickDraw3D 1.5.1, Speed Doubler 2.03, LibMoto, and the standard OS 7.6.1 extension set.

Disk cache was set to 512k and Virtual memory was not enabled.

The Following applications were used during the test:
Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, and Infini-D 4.0.

MacBench 4.0 was used for most of the graphics benchmarks, and I've presented just about every test it has in this review. Norton Utilities version 3.5 System Info, Speedometer 4.02, Walker 1.1 and Gerbils 1.03 were also used during the testing.

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