Twin Turbo M8 Control Panel Illustrated Features
(1997 Mac Graphics Card Review)
Main Screen
Main Control Panel screen showing available features.

Bit Depth:
TT Bit Depth
For selecting color mode.

Gamma Correction:
TT Gamma
Very extensive Gamma options of the Twin Turbo.
Allows adjusting monitor gamma to match printed output.

TT General Controls
Allows disabling of general & text* acceleration,
useful on all text web pages for instance.
(* indicates disable feature not found in Hawkeye)

TT Resolution
Allows setting the screen resolution without opening Apple's monitor control
(not found in Hawkeye control).

TT Pan/Zoom
Settings for Pan and Zoom.

The Twin Turbo lacked some of the features of the Hawkeye control,
but did have some exclusives of its own, like setting the resolution
without using the Apple control, and the ability to turn off text

The Twin Turbo has a very nice feature set,
but I still preferred the layout and features of the Hawkeye.

To view the Hawkeye Control panel, click here

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