Documentation and Software comparison
(1997 Mac Graphics Card Review)
Both cards come with ample documentation of how to install the hardware and software, and setup the card. Both manuals contained complete product information however, and that's the main point. Both cards were very easy to install and setup, and I never had to refer to the documentation after an initial quick scan for monitor setup for non-Apple Monitors.

As a bonus, the Imagine ships with a pair of ferrites to attach to your monitor cable as an both an aid to better image quality at the resolutions of 1600x1200 or greater, and to fullfill the requirement for FCC Class "B" use if your monitor cable does not already have them.

Control Software:
Neither card shipped with the latest drivers. As I knew about the updates I immediately went to both web sites and downloaded the latest versions.

  • Imagine 128: Hawkeye version 4.50. For a complete description of all the Hawkeye 4.50 controls click here. The Hawkeye control contains many unique features and is overall the nicest utility of its type I have seen on the Mac. As a nice bonus, the Imagine also ships with a CD containing the "MasterClips® 101,000 image collection, and a coupon for a free copy of TurboCad 2D/3D. The Hawkeye driver installs only two components into your system folder, an extension and a control panel.

  • Twin Turbo M8: Twin Turbo Control version 4.02. For a complete description of all the Twin Turbo controls click here. Although it does not have some of the features of the Hawkeye control panel (multiple zoom levels, Chameleon Cursor™, etc.) the Twin Turbo does have all the required features (gamma, color, zoom, etc.) included, and also has resolution settings in the panel, whereas the Hawkeye relies on the std Apple Monitor control for setting screen size. The Twin Turbo ships only with a floppy disk containing the driver software. The Twin Turbo software install results in a control panel and four extensions being installed in your system folder.

Software Winner:Imagine 128
(see the Hawkeye and Twin Turbo control pages for further details)

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