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Carbon Copy Cloner version 6.1.4 Release Notes
(Free 30 day trial available at
Info from the Nov. 29, 2022 Carbon Copy Cloner v6.1.4 release notes:
  • CCC will now preserve the space savings of pure "cloned" files (duplicated via the clonefile() function, e.g. duplicated in the Finder) when copying from an APFS volume to another APFS volume.

  • CCC will now preserve the "Date Added" attribute on files and folders on filesystems that support that attribute.

  • CCC will no longer raise concerns about dropped cloud-only placeholder files. With a minor adjustment and some additional testing of several scenarios, we have determined that there is no longer a restore concern related to dropping these placeholder files. If you previously excluded the CloudStorage folder from your backup, you may remove that exclusion. You're also welcome to leave the exclusion in place. In our tests, the cloud service providers populated the absent content just fine.

  • Errors related to minor filesystem corruption in /Users/username/Library/Biome on macOS Ventura are now suppressed.

  • Improved the handling of errors when free space is depleted on the destination volume.

  • The "Only on the next run" and "Once a quarter" options are no longer hidden in the frequency popup menu adjacent to the "Find and replace corrupted files" setting. Same deal for the "Archives that are older than" option in the SafetyNet pruning limit popup menu in Advanced Settings > Preflight.

  • The "Command+R" keyboard shortcut for starting a task now also works for starting a task group.

  • Fixed an issue in which the throttling mechanism applied to "When the source or destination is reconnected" tasks was not getting applied consistently.

  • Fixed an edge case in Ventura where the "Legacy Bootable Copy" method would fail with a "destination is full" error in cases where the destination was a disk image and the source was a clean install of macOS Ventura.

  • Added a Ventura download link to the macOSInstaller Media Assistant.

  • Added a global exclusion for a "@Recently-snapshot" folder that appears on some NAS devices. Copying each snapshot within this folder will typically overrun the capacity of the destination.

  • Fixed preflight mounting and ownership enabling on Remote Mac destination volumes on Ventura+ Macs.

  • When CCC is configured to copy files from a volume that lacks support for file ownership (e.g. a NAS volume, or any volume with ownership disabled), ownership of files copied to the destination (when applicable) is set to the user account that configured the CCC task. This update fixes an issue in which numeric user account IDs larger than 32768 were getting improperly applied. This is not a common scenario; typically user account IDs start from 501, but in some corporate environments they can be much larger.
More info on Carbon Copy Cloner 6 (including free 30 day trial) at
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