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News Archive for Wednesday October 12, 2011:

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Reader Warning about 10.7.2 Update on Core2Duo upgraded Macs (w/Tip)
One of the readers that had previously reported running Lion/10.7.1 OK on his Core2Duo CPU Upgraded Mac (originally a core duo model) sent a warning about 10.7.2 reinstalling the supported macs plist. (That file was deleted as part of the workaround to run Lion on C2D upgraded unsupported macs.)

"Subject: Core2 Duo Upgraded Macs and 10.7.2 WARNING
Here's my usual report about latest update of my C2D upgraded iMac 20".
I'm sorry to say that 10.7.2 reinstalls the infamous /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist and Mac doesn't reboot, showing only a "forbidden" icon in place of the apple logo.
  (The 10.7.1 update didn't recreate that plist file per several reports earlier this year.)

Booting again (fixing problem/deleting that file) is a very simple task if you have another Mac or a system DVD. (And having a previous OS version bootable clone handy is a very good idea in general. Well worth the cost of the drive IMHO.-Mike)
(If you have another mac) Just press T at the startup bong to boot in target (disk) mode, connect to another Mac using a firewire cable and delete /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist on the newly mounted (C2D Mac's 10.7.2) Volume. (If you have an ext OS X bootable HD, power up w/option key held down and boot from it.)
Or with an OS X system DVD, just boot from it and start Terminal in the Installer menu bar, cd to the actual (Lion) hard disk volume and issue the command:

    cd /Volumes/<HD NAME> (name of the C2D mac's 10.7.2 Vol)

    rm System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist

That's it.
Regards and sorry for my bad english.
-Luca P."

Server 10.7.2 does the same thing. C2D Upgraded mini owner running Lion server sent a note about that. Same fix (removing file) of course. (I'll add this to the previous posts on the subject put on the Mac Mini C2D CPU upgrades page.)


OS X Lion Recovery Update:
"About Lion Recovery Update
The Lion Recovery Update includes improvements to Lion Recovery and addresses an issue with Find My Mac when using a firmware password.
For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:
System Requirements: OS X Lion 10.7"
That HT4986 doc is titled "About the Lion Recovery Update" and has literally the exact note as above, but also includes a reference link to

OS X 10.7.2, Safari 5.1.1 and Security Update 2006-011 for 10.6.x:
Matt sent a FYI that 10.7.2 was available via Software Update. When I first posted this the D/L pages were not online yet, but here they are along with about/info docs:

Due to huge demand from all the updates today I've seen intermittent access problems, 404's/503's and very slow downloads at times, but YMMV.

Also released today is Safari 5.1.1 with iCloud support (and more) available for Lion and Snow Leopard (at The apple docs listing today updated again with more docs related to today's updates. (The details on security fixes in today's updates (SL, Lion and iOS 5) include some related to itunes store and apple acct password security. I hope these updates (and for windows users the fixes in itunes 10.5) may help prevent some of the itunes store acct hijackings that some have experienced in the past.)


Aperture 3.2 and iPhoto 9.2 Updates with iCloud and iOS 5 Support

"iPhoto 9.2 supports compatibility with iCloud and iOS 5. This update also addresses minor stability, performance and compatibility issues."

And here's the Aperture 3.2 D/L page and Aperture 3.2 Release notes. (See the apple support docs listing below for a couple related articles also.)


iOS 5 and Pages and Numbers for iOS v1.5 Released
Apple also released the iOS 5 Software Update that includes many security fixes. And per new Apple docs today, there's also v1.5 updates to Pages for iOS and Numbers for iOS that also include security fixes. (Security content of Numbers for iOS v1.5 and Security content of Pages for iOS v1.5.)
  FYI: I don't have a compatible device on hand to try, but there's a growing thread in Apple's forums on problems some iphone (and iPad) users have had - see Cannot restore/update iPhone. Internal error iOS5. Later pages of that thread have some tips that helped some owners. (One reader said he aborted the update on his iPad due to an estimated 9 hours to download it. Lots of updates today and the huge worldwide demand must be taking a toll.)

(2nd generation) Apple TV v4.4 Update (new features/security fixes):

Photo Stream View photos recently taken on your iOS device and pushed to your Photo Stream in iCloud.
AirPlay Mirroring Wirelessly stream what's on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 screen to your HDTV.
National Hockey League * Watch live games. View highlights, scores, and more.
Wall Street Journal Watch up-to-date news, business commentary, and financial analysis from leading experts.
New Slideshow themes Enjoy your photos on your HDTV with new slideshow themes: Photo Wall, Flip-up, Shifting Tiles.
Netflix Added support for subtitles when available.

* Note: Live and on-demand games require a NHL subscription. Blackouts apply. See for details.

Here's the doc About the security content of Apple TV v4.4.


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