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Mods to Mount Mirror Drive Door Power Supply in a Quicksilver Tower
(After wiring mods done)

Note: this is a page of only photos of the Pwr Supply Mounting.
See Page 1 for required Wiring mods.

(Eugene Lou sent photos on how he mounted the MDD Pwr Supply in his Quicksilver.)

The 24 pin plug (of the MDD) fitting quite nicely in the 22 pin connector (QS logic board) without any mods (I cut it partially before realizing it was unnecessary) (Reminder - you have to have the wiring in the PS connector matching the Quicksilver's original connector/pin positions first of course.)

PS Connector Mated

First marking the top part of the case for drilling - points are the corners of a 75 mm x 165 mm square:

marking case top 4 holes

Pic of holes drilled and Pwr Supply tabs fitting through:
Case holes w/PS tabs mated

Closeup of the Hole/PS Mtg Tab:
Closeup of tab in hole

MDD Power Supply mounted in QS:

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