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Version 1711 Firmware update for M225 Crucial SSDs (later pulled)
(Update: As of Tuesday (Aug 25th) afternoon, Crucial has pulled the 1711 firmware update downloads and included this notice:

    "Important Notice:
    An issue with Firmware update 1711 has been reported by users specific to Windows 7. We are pulling the file from the site until our engineers finish reviewing the issue. Concurrently, we are working to provide a downgrade tool to enable users to revert to the previous Firmware."

FYI: It's not only windows 7 users seeing problems w/1711 - two of us have seen problems with sleep/wake with 1711 firmware drives running OS X. (Me in a Mac pro (no hibernate mode) and a macbook pro owner as well.)

As I mentioned in a previous update here, many Windows 7 users reporting data corruption with firmware 1711 and trim enabled with 1711 firmware barefoot drives (several brands using the std 1711 firmware). See below for notes on how to disable auto-trim in Windows 7.)
(original post when 1711 was first released follows) has (had) 1711 firmware updaters for their M225 64GB, 128GB and 256GB SSDs and a PDF guide to updating firmware with warnings to backup the drive, etc. (And like every SSD firmware update there's no mac native updater, you need to make a bootable DOS CD. If you have a PC available, other options are a bootable DOS floppy or flash drive.)
It's assumed to be just a standard firmware update from Indilinx (not tweaked as OCZ does). The change notes look identical to the 1711 firmware update for the (same controller/design) ST SSD noted in Aug 13th news page (FYI - ST now has the previous 1571 firmware on their d/l page, pulling v1711 due to problems reported from customers.)

"Firmware update for the M225 v1711
Change Log:
  • ATA8 ACS2 TRIM Support
  • SATA Rx SSC is turn off by default, Now Rx and Tx SSC both off
  • IDENTIFY word 69 bit 14 is cleared (Non deterministic trim)
  • IDENTIFY word 60-61 are changed (User addressable logical sectors for LBA28)
  • FPDMA error return code was not adequate
  • SMART related changes were made (BBM error log was removed)
  • SATA error handling code was enhanced
  • Bug Fix: a bug in error handling in Set Multiple mode command
  • Bug Fix: a bug that caused 1.5Gbps diagnostic failure
  • Bug Fix: SMART related bugs were fixed
  • More ICs supported
  • And for those that aren't aware, the Trim feature is current not supported with OS X (although hoping Snow Leopard will), so if you're not having problems with the drive you may want to just leave it alone. (Not sure if the other 1711 changes will matter for those that had problems with SSDs, for instance in june 2009 MacBook Pros w/EFI 1.7 firmware update. However after the problems win7 users are seeing with 1711, I suspect there's going to be another update released before too long.)
    Maybe if enough Mac owners w/Crucial SSDs write them in the future they'll post a bootable ISO image with updaters. (I'm not holding my breath though... although there was a crucial forum moderator comment "We can provide updates for Windows and OSX in our firmware", I've yet to see any official promise of that.) With no way to boot DOS from a USB flash drive or software to burn a bootable CD, I put the M225 (in a IcyDock 3.5in adapter/case) into a PC (as the lone SATA HD) and flashed it via a bootable DOS USB flash drive (prepped with HP's utility for bootable flash drives). Swapping it back in the Mac and booting from it I confirmed Apple System Profiler shows the drive revision (firmware) as 1711. However I've not used it much w/1711. (After seeing the Windows 7 user problems w/1711, I'd not recommend anyone update to 1711 if you're not having problems currently - hopefully there will be another update released soon to address that.)
    (FYI - later tests showed hangs after wake from sleep with 1711 firmware updated drive in a Mac Pro. And a MacBook Pro owner also reported sleep/wake problems w/1711 firmware (at first saying it would not wake, but later saying it seemed to freeze going into sleep (LED stays lit, never pulsing).)

    Previous M225s shipped with firmware 1571, but new 256GB stock is arriving soon at dealers which may have the updated firmware already - I don't know but will ask OWC. (They replied on Tuesday that their rep says new stock arriving there on soon will not have 1711, probably a good thing.)

    And while on the subject, one of the SSD reviews I linked to earlier today in the other news listing includes a page with info on Fragmentation over time and Auto-TRIM support with Samsung and Indilinx Barefoot controller based SSDs. There's an interesting comment on the Indilinx firmware update adding native Trim support not just for Windows 7 (which everybody knows has improved SSD support) but also "future OS versions for Mac and Linux". Has anyone heard of SSD Trim support in Snow Leopard? (I've seen nothing offically from Apple on that, their current Snow Leopard pages don't mention improved SSD or trim support.)

    (Update/FYI: Some Windows 7 (RC) users have reported data corruption with Barefoot controller based SSD drives running 1711 firmware. I've seen several posts on this (including in OCZ forums) but don't know if it's a universal problem (not using Win7 personally). The fix reportedly is to disable auto-trim - i.e. fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 1)

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    Rage developer comments on Mac version status/Snow Leopard
    Edge's Rage: Under The Hood recent article has a note on status of the Mac version:

    "A Mac version has been touted from Rage's first reveal... but Duffy says it's not being shown today because it's running behind the other versions by a week. "We have been treating the Mac as a first-class citizen throughout the development," he assures. "I'm using a Mac as my main development system and Tim is using one as his. We don't know if we're going to be Snow Leopard specific yet - we're waiting on support from Apple - but it's looking right and we have no major issues with it."

    Shacknews also has a 4-page Rage Interview with id's Tim Willits and Matt Hooper.

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    USB DisplayLink beta OS X driver update (with 32bit Snow Leopard Support)'s Mac downloads page has a 1.5 -beta- DisplayLink USB Graphics Driver with 32bit Snow Leopard support as well as improvements for current OS X releases:
    "We have a beta driver available to support the upcoming release of Apple's new operating system, Snow Leopard. This release also brings improvements to existing supported versions of Mac OS X"

    There's also a note that "this driver is not compatible with 64-bit Snow Leopard. We are currently focusing on 32 bit development, and will aim to release a 64-bit compatible driver later in the year."
    I've added this to a previous page here on USB Display adapters.

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