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Mac User Feedback on WD TV Live and Asus O!Play Media Players updated
Just a FYI that I've updated some reports/info on the page of Mac User Feedback/Tips on WD TV Live and Asus O!Play Media Players. (Updated comments from O!Live user about latest firmware update solving issues with streaming from Snow Leopard machines, including a link to Asus page with firmware updates and user manual. And later added updated notes on O!Play's support disk formats. (The PDF user manual for the Asus O!Play HDP-R1 and Air model didn't list supported formats that I could find - even in the Troubleshooting section. I'd seen posts on the web earlier this year implying only NTFS support for direct connected drives, but owners said they'd used FAT formatted disks/flash drives OK - and one new O!Play owner said the interface listed both his HFS and FAT32 drives (via network) - I asked he send a report after actually playing back media from them.)
I would have expected disk format support info to at least be in their user manual. But I'll be getting an O!Play Air model in a week or so to do my own tests with eSATA (and USB) direct connected drives, as well as testing the Air's memory card slots with an SDHC card from my Panasonic SD9. (The Air model has built-in wireless and flash memory card slots that the HDP-R1 model doesn't.)
Also added a FYI to the reader post on Yazsoft PlayBack Media Server Software that there's another update to it and added another Mac/WD Live user's comments on Playback Media Server software which makes streaming from your Mac (iPhoto, iTunes, etc.) easy. (I've not used it personally but there's a trial version available and users seem to think it's well worth the $15 fee. I assume it's DLNA software for the Mac.)
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Some odd issues I've seen after Crucial M225 SSD 1916 Firmware Update
I doubt most SSD users will see this (may not be common and most owners are not using them externally) but thought I'd mention some quirks I'd seen after updating my M225 256GB to firmware 1916 (from 1819) last night. (If you missed it, here's the post on the update.)
As I mentioned back in October here, I had removed the M225 SSD (w/10.6.2 on it) from a MacBook Pro after seeing a hang during a software update. (I swapped in a 640GB std HD instead, miss the performance snap of the SSD, but just was tired of the barefoot firmware issues of the past.) Anyway I had the SSD in an IcyDock 3.5in Adapter and updated it using a bootable flash drive on a PC. (I didn't want to take a chance on another case of the Mac Pro's optical drives not supported with boot ISO disk - long notes on that here back in Oct.) Anyway the 1916 flash went fine and I then booted the Mac Pro (10.6.2) to use a Quad-Interface HD Dock to reformat the drive. (I'd decided to give up on using it internally until the 1916 firmware has been proven solid at least - plan to use it as the media drive for a WD TV Live.)
But after the 1916 update, the M225 would not mount in the Quad-Interface (Oxford chipset) HD Dock (red activity LED stayed lit ). I tried both eSATA and FW800 interfaces with the dock - both showed the same problem. (And Disk Utility didn't even detect the drive.) I tried 2 different Quad-Interface docks - same problem. I then tried an eSATA/USB only HD dock (using eSATA connection) and the drive mounted within a second. I'd mounted the SSD fine the weekend before. Again not sure this is common and most likely have the SSD on the internal bus.
[Update: On Jan 18th I recd a firmware updater for the Quad Interface HD dock said to fix this issue. Firmware v1.10.0105, dated Aug 20, 2009.)

I then reformatted the SSD to FAT (for use with WD TV Live - although it does support HFS as well) and tried to copy media files (MPEG4 videos, photos, etc.) to the SSD - that failed within a second after starting the file copy with an error dialog that the folder being copied already existed (as if it was write protected or had no write access - yet it had created a directory and subdirectory on the SSD) - opening the (previously blank/empty) SSD volume showed it had created the 'Movies' folder (and one subfolder) but would not continue the copy. I deleted the SSD's Movies directory, tried erasing the drive (confirming it was empty) and tried again - same error every time.
I then just reformatted it to HFS+ (non-journaled, as there's some limitations on HFS Jnl as noted by WD's kbase doc) and the file/folder copies completed w/o errors. (appx 140GB of movies and recorded TV shows (all AppleTV format), photos, music in separate folders).

As mentioned in yesterday's post on the firmware update, there's a (multi-page now and growing) thread in Crucial's SSD forums of 1916 firmware update feedback with a few Mac (typically MacBook Pro) user posts on the update (in general positive) but I also welcome any other Mac (MacBook/Pro or Mac Pro, etc.) M225 owner feedback on 1916 as well. (Curious if any Mac Pro owners were able to use the ISO (CD) updater OK.) Longer term use of course will be a better gauge of 1916 firmware, but I still welcome any reader comments on what they've seen so far.
I forgot to include an email link for feedback last night, but here's a short mail from a MacBook owner that updated to 1916:

"Burned ISO on CD and performed update successfully! (late 2006 MacBook, 1.83GHz, 4GB ram.) Had to look up previous instructions on "how to" on XLR8yourMac. Startup time is 18 seconds down from 22 seconds and XBench score is 156.27 up from 142 from previous firmware update. XBench score on original SSD/Snow Leopard install was 160 (see previous post on your web site) however a few applications have been added since that time. Thanks for the hint on Smart Sleep as the computer works quite well in the sleep only setting. (smart sleep was mentioned in an older post here on Tips for OS X SSD Users on Disabling Hibernate mode/deleting sleepimage file, etc.. I also asked he report back after longer term use.)
I will let you know what happens...
Regards, Wil"
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