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Mods to Mirror Drive Door Power Supply for DA/QS Towers
(Photos of PS Mounting)
By Jan
Updated: 6/20/2005 (for mounting pix)

(Note: this is a page of only photos of the PS mtg. See Page 1 for wiring mods.)

(I asked Jan if he had any photos of the MDD Pwr Supply Mounting in the older Macs and he sent 6 images below. Update: Another reader sent photos with explanations on mounting the MDD PS in a Quicksilver-Mike)

sorry, these pics come late, but I had a lot to do... But here they are, the mounting area pictures. Pretty much self-explanatory, as I think. (I asked he send at least a sentence for each photo to clarify what is shown, as some are not really self-explanitory.-Mike)
If there are any more questions, please feel free to contact me again, may take some time though :-)

mtg screws

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