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2011 MacBook Pros and DVI External Displays (some having problems, others not)
(Update (May 2011): On May 4th, 2011 Apple posted 2011 MacBook Pro Software Update 1.4 and EFI Update 2.1 - which the reader below said solved the problems he had with the apple single-link DVI adapter/apple DVI displays. Unfortunately by the time that update was released, he had already already bought the $99 (list) Apple Dual-Link adapter which worked before the update.)

From a reader mail - dont have one of these personally, just wanted to see how common this is.)

"MBP 15" early 2011 ext. DVI display problems
Hi guys, I just noticed the MBA 13" supplemental update to cure iTunes problems. I just purchased a new 2011 MacBook Pro 15" and with the latest 10.6.7 update, I discovered that none of the DVI Cinema Displays will work with it.
(I wasn't sure if he meant it was ok before 10.6.7 update or not - some threads below were started before 10.6.7 release though. If problems appeared only after 10.6.7 update and if he used SU, I'd try the specific 10.6.7 updater D/L for 2011 MBP's and the usual voodoo (clear caches, trash prefs, reset nvram, etc). If still a problem (and if 10.6.6 was ok for him), revert back.-Mike)
I brought it to the Genius bar and we tested the unit with a new Cinema display with the mini display port plug and it worked fine.
Plugged in a DVI unit with an (Apple $29)adapter to the mini plug and you get a picture that I can best describe as solar polarization. I tried this with both the 20" and 23" Cinema Displays and both exhibit the problem. This is an example - 15" MBP Thunderbolt to a 23" Apple Cinema Display in mirror mode:

I checked the apple Support boards and there appears to be a small group of us using this combination with the problem. (asked for link to thread - he later sent these)

Apple is apparently aware of the problem and is working on it, but no word of a fix. I use my external display in mirror mode to assist with an eyesight problem so this is an important problem for me. But I've seen no reporting of the problem in the Mac press. Have you heard anything about this?
-Gene M."

I've been laid up most of the time the last few months and not kept up with any issues w/new models, but if any reader is using a new 2011 MacBook Pro and an external DVI display (any brand), let me know the details (adapter and display info, OS X version, etc.) and if you've seen any issues or not. Thanks.

BTW - Although not exactly the same issue Gene mentioned (and he didn't use a dual-link adapter), this reminded me of a (repeatedly updated in the last month or so) Apple kbase doc about Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter: About Firmware Version 1.03 that mentioned some 'continuous flickering' and/or wake from sleep issues with some HP or Samsung LCD monitors connected by a Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter with version 1.01 or 1.02 firmware.

Reader Replies: (later first)

"Aloha Mike, I picked up the 17 inch MBP entry level unit this month, and the Apple Thunderbolt to DVI adapter and have no problems out to my 30 inch Dell 3007WFPHC monitor whatsoever. Everything works as it does on my MacPro. The new MacBook Geekbench score is over 10,000, almost double the 2007 Mac Pro, so now I'm saving time and power! I ordered a new cable to run to the old workstation in the event I ever use it standalone, but for now the MacBook is the primary computer for my business now, running both laptop and 30 inch screens without troubles of any kind. I suspect adapter issues for Gene M. The MacBook also seems to detect my 30 inch monitor automatically when returning from using other external monitors with different desktop arrangements.

One possible answer to Gene's problem I learned while helping a sign language translator friend of my set up his new Mac Book via screen sharing across the Pacific. My friend ended up with the same blooming screen that Gene shows. The answer was that my friend messed around with the Enhance Contrast settings in the Universal Access Control Panel, but that does not explain why Gene's is only blooming on the external monitor. Odd, but send Gene best wishes, and reassurance that it can be resolved! Try a different adapter arrangement as a control, we need to know exactly which one Gene is trying to compare notes...
(I have used a mini Display port to HDMI converter with various monitors no problems also)
JP Hawaii"

He later confirmed using the std ($29) Apple MDP/DVI adapter but awaiting a reply w/answers to some other questions also.

"I'm using my brand new 15" MBP i7 quad core with Apple's ($29, not dual-link) mini displayport to dvi adapter with an Acer 23" monitor. No problems so far.
Tom K.
Apple Certified Support Professional"

New Macbook 15" HiRes i7 2.2GHz with SSD connected to Samsung Syncmaster 2233 via ($29) Apple MDP to DVI connector on the Thunderbolt port.
I am having no problems at all.

GarageBand 6.0.2 Update:
About GarageBand 6.0.2
This update improves overall stability and addresses a number of minor issues, including the following:
  • Support for opening projects imported from GarageBand for iPad.

This update is recommended for all GarageBand '11 users.
For more information, please visit: or"

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