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FYI on drive inside Seagate FreeAgent Go 1TB (15mm high)
Dave, a reader in search of a 1TB (internal) notebook HD for his MacBook Pro (that also made the same mistake I did last month re: 1TB WD Passport) wrote Sunday that he had picked up a new 1TB Seagate FreeAgent Go USB drive and sent photos of the bad news. Although it's an SATA HD (unlike the WD passport) it's 15mm high. (Not unexpected based on the almost 2x taller case height than some previous FreeAgent Go models based on 9.5mm high notebook drives.) Here's one of the photos Dave sent comparing the 1TB 2.5in HD removed from the FreeAgent Go case, compared to 12.5mm and 9.5mm high notebook drives. (I guess the Seagate 1TB drive has 4 platters. WD used 3 for their 12.5mm high drive 1TB Scorpio IIRC. Toshiba has a 2 platter 9.5mm high 640GB notebook HD, which I'm currently using in a MBP.)

seagate 1TB freeagent drive height

Dave later wrote per Seagate comments on the web, the Freeagent Go 880GB and even 750GB also use this "fat" (15mm) drive form factor. (I didn't check it closely but initially didn't think the 750GB Go case was as tall as these - but I could be mistaken. Not worth risking it though since there are some 750GB 12.5mm WD Scorpio drives available currently.)
He originally wanted a 1TB WD Scorpio drive (12.5mm high), but they're still MIA at the moment as far as I know. (Last week when I checked even the WD online store it didn't even list the 1TB or 750GB models - although sponsor OWC has some stock on the 750GB WD Scorpio model.)

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2009 Mac Pro owner's Impressions of new 27in Core i5 iMac
A 2009 Mac Pro (dual 2.26GHz) owner wrote with raves about his Core i5 iMac. (Too long to post here so put on separate page.)
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Quicksilver G4 Tower with NewerTech 2GHz 7448 Upgrade
(Latest reader 'rate your cpu upgrade' report - didn't note previous CPU info but I asked.)

"2002 Quicksilver G4 tower with NewerTech 2 GHz 7448 (single CPU) upgrade. (Rated 9)
Physical installation was a breeze; the hardest part really was getting the flash ROM to clear (part of the installation process). The instructions are also a little vague when discussing the G4 variants.
Anyhow, my biggest concern was noise. I had previously modified my G4 with Thermaltake fans - both the little side vent fan that blows across the CPU and the large case exhaust fan. Well, this thing is just as quiet as my previous setup!
And not only that, but the system sleeps, too. I had rigged the side vent fan to blow constantly which prevented sleep, and this install removed the side fan completely.

As far as raw speed goes, it is slightly more snappy than before, but the most important thing is that the CPU is a single processor instead of two. That was important because I use the machine for music production and Tracktion isn't multi-processor aware. Now with 2 Ghz to chew on, CPU usage in Tracktion never rises above 50% and I am in multitrack bliss.
-Mike T."

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