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Carbon Copy Cloner version 6.1.3 Release Notes
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Info from the Sept. 19, 2022 Carbon Copy Cloner v6.1.3 release notes:
    This version of CCC adds official support for macOS 13 Ventura. This update includes changes that affect all supported macOS versions however, so we recommend this update for all CCC v6 users.

  • The "System exclusion" is no longer applied in cases where the destination is a subfolder on the startup disk.

  • Fixed an issue in which "on reconnect" tasks were not correctly getting throttled according to the task configuration if the task was also configured to prompt the user to proceed when the missing volume was reconnected.

  • The Compare window now shows files discovered on the source and destination separately. Especially for really slow destinations like NAS volumes, this will give a clearer indication of ongoing progress.

  • The clonefile replacement procedure will no longer be used if snapshots are disabled on the destination. The primary purpose of using that procedure is to use storage more efficiently so that we can retain more snapshots, and that's moot if we're not retaining snapshots.

  • When you auto-fill a password in CCC's Email Settings (i.e. from the system's "Passwords..." menu option that appears when the password text field is given focus), that password is now correctly stored in CCC's keychain.

  • Task groups can now be deleted via the Task menu (e.g. Command+Delete) and via the "Additional Actions" menu in the sidebar.

  • Resolved an issue in which a task would appear stalled when converting a disk image to a read-only format. Fixed an unrelated progress indication issue in the same scenario.

  • Automated tasks will now be skipped any time a restore task is running to remove any possible conflict between a restore task and a backup task. Users are welcome to run backup tasks manually while a restore task is running, this change only affects automated tasks.

  • Fixed the presentation of a snapshot creation failure in cases where the destination is in the midst of encryption conversion.

  • The minimum time threshold for "When files are modified on the source" tasks is now 1 minute, but the default is now 5 minutes. The minimum data threshold is now 0; when set to 0, CCC will start an event when changes have been made to a file on the source (and the time threshold is met).

  • The CCC Dashboard will now proactively open CCC if CCC's helper tool lacks Full Disk Access. Likewise, the Dashboard will open CCC if corruption in CCC's task database has been detected.

  • CCC now applies a two-week sanity limit on the Quick Update feature. We were finding some cases where macOS managed to have retained multiple weeks of FSEvent records, and it was taking longer to slog through all of those records than it would take to simply re-enumerate the source and destination. So if a Quick Update task hasn't run successfully in the last two weeks, it will now proceed with a full audit of the source and destination.

  • Added a new "Settings" column to the task events table in the Task History window that will indicate when the "Quick Update" or "Backup Health Check" settings were applied to a given task event. This column is hidden by default; right-click on the table header row to choose which columns should be visible.

  • Ventura: Modified the steps for granting Full Disk Access. It's now one step! That's right, just one step! Just start dragging the CCC Privacy Fish and CCC will pull some strings in the background to magically make the full disk access table appear for the drop.

  • Ventura: Fixed the filesystem identity of ExFAT and FAT32 volumes in the disk chart (i.e. when you click on the Source or Destination selector, or select a volume in CCC's sidebar).

  • Ventura: Adopted a new macOS procedure for adding the CCC Dashboard login item.

  • Ventura: Adjusted how connections to a remote Mac are initiated from a Ventura client to accommodate changes to the scp utility that are specific to macOS Ventura.

  • Mostly Ventura: Fixed a memory access issue that occurs (with more frequency on Ventura) in the SQLite encryption library that CCC has been using to encrypt task audit and task history databases. After applying this update, CCC will temporarily decrypt the task audit and task history databases, then re-encrypt them with a replacement encryption library. In the unlikely event that an exception occurs while decrypting one of these databases, the affected database will simply be recreated. This change has no effect on task configurations, which are stored in a separate, non-encrypted database, and no effect on any of your data on your backup disk.
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