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Nvidia 8800GT w/Thermalright V2 cooler
By Ritche R.
Posted: 6/20/2008

I am a long time reader of your site. After reading about the 8800GT cooler swap you recently posted June 19, 2008 (Thermalright HR-03 Plus), I decided to share some pictures of 2 modifications I made using the Thermalright V2 on the x1900 (I sold with the Mac Pro 2006 model in January 2008) and the 8800GT in the new (2008) Mac Pro.

Although I have made no effort in installing Windows XP/Vista in my machines to get temperature/performance testing, the temperatures in the expansion slots bay did not reach as high as 60°C. The 8800GT (w/V2 cooler/fan installed) in the 2008 Mac Pro averaged around 45°C in a no A/C room on hot day here in SoCal. Machine runs all day, I only put it to sleep when I go out of town.

I was thinking of getting the HR-03, but the (two even w/o fan) blocked slots turned me away. (the V2 w/fan blocks a slot also - see pix below)
My setup is quiet and cool. The V2 heatsink sometimes gets tolerable hot to touch, sometimes only when playing iTunes visualizer. (3D gaming would also stress the card/increase heat and generally is the highest stress test for a graphics card.) Thank you for a very informative website.he later wrote)
I would also like to add, since January the Mac Pro with ATI X1900 w/V2 cooler installed my buyer has not reported any problems with video. The machine w/X1900 is intended for use with Final Cut Pro.
Here are the pictures:

V2 on 8800GT
V2 on 8800GT

V2 on ATI X1900 (from 2006 Mac Pro)
V2 on X1900

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