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Carbon Copy Cloner version 5.1.24 Update Release Notes
Available via in-app update for CCC 5.x users or full download at
Info from the December 16, 2020 Carbon Copy Cloner v5.1.24 release notes:
- Fixed an issue in which CCC was not presenting custom volume icons in the sidebar and source/destination selectors.

- Fixed an issue in which CCC's main window was occasionally not showing task progress for a running task.

- Fixed the functionality of the "Manage snapshots on {volume name}" contextual menu item on the source and destination selectors.

- Improved some error handling when performing a full volume clone with Apple's APFS replication utility.

- Adjusted postflight disk image ejection. We found some cases where CCC had no trouble unmounting the destination disk image, but the eject request initially failed because it was "busy". Patiently waiting a few more seconds avoids a case where the disk image couldn't be remounted (e.g. when the task runs next) without manually ejecting the disk image.

- Resolved a logistical annoyance on Big Sur that can occur if a task is configured to run "On reconnect", the destination volume is a volume group, the Data volume is encrypted (note that the System volume is not encrypted on Big Sur), and CCC has not been given the password to that volume. CCC now instead waits for the Data volume's mount event as a trigger to these tasks.

- Time Machine backup volumes are now explicitly disallowed as source or destination selections on Big Sur. We're not planning to offer support for cloning to or from volumes that are flagged as Time Machine volumes.

- The "task started" notification now indicates the user-facing name of the source volume rather than the name of the Data sibling.

- CCC now breaks a cycle in which two tasks can volley back and forth, erring out because their destination folders are absent. This occurs when both tasks are configured to "Defer if another task is writing to the same destination", and both tasks are configured to back up to a folder on the same NAS volume.

- Addressed a few cases where CCC wasn't requesting the password for an encrypted volume (again, because the System volume on Big Sur is no longer encrypted when FileVault is enabled).

- Fixed an issue that could cause an ASR restore of a read-only disk image to fail. CCC also will automatically scan read-only disk images for ASR when configured to create a read-only disk image.

- Addressed an issue in which tasks were errantly getting marked "Task requires review".

- Fixed an issue regarding restores of Data volume snapshots on Big Sur.

- Made a few tweaks to work around ASR failures that can occur when the destination APFS container has remnants of an older OS.

- Addressed an issue with the CCC update mechanism in which the application doesn't automatically re-open when clicking the "Install and Relaunch" button on macOS Big Sur. The fix won't be realized until you apply the next update after this one, so if this issue was affecting you, you may still have to manually re-open CCC after applying this update.
More info on Carbon Copy Cloner 5 (including free 30 day trial) at
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