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December 11th to 15th, 2023 News and Apple Updates     Go to Current News Page

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Xcode 15.1 released
Info from app store Xcode 15.1 (for macOS 13.5 or later):
"This update adds support for manually triggering Xcode Cloud workflows."
Includes Swift 5.9 & SDKs for iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, tvOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, and macOS Sonoma 14.2. (See linked app store page for more details on Xcode.)
Safari 17.2 for macOS Ventura and Monterey (security fixes)
The security fixes in Safari 17.2 article lists 2 WebKit CVE's fixed.
There's also an article on WebKit Features in Safari 17.2.
Browser updates can sometimes break addons or extensions.
Check feedback in Apple's Safari forum, macOS Ventura & macOS Monterey forums.
(I've never had Safari's website prefs set to allow notifications from websites, but if you're seeing fake warning popups in your Mac's upper right display area, uncheck the allow notifications in Safari's website preferences. See stop unwanted Notifications.)
macOS Sonoma 14.2 Update
Security fixes in macOS Sonoma 14.2 lists 39 CVEs fixed.
See what's new in the updates for macOS Sonoma for version 14.2 changes.
(You can check feedback in Apple's macOS Sonoma discussion forum.)
macOS Ventura 13.6.3 Update
Security fixes in macOS Ventura 13.6.3 lists 17 CVEs fixed.
What's new in the updates for macOS Ventura for version 13.6.3 says:
"This update provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users."
You can check feedback in Apple's macOS Ventura discussion forum.

M1 Mac Mini Firmware Updated
macOS 13.6.3 updated (2020) M1 Mini firmware to 10151.61.4 (was 10151.41.12 from 13.6.1).
On a M1 mini running macOS 13.6.1, software update listed macOS 13.6.3 as 1.5 GB,
but the actual download was 3.0 GB.

macOS Monterey 12.7.2 Update
About the security content of macOS Monterey 12.7.2 lists 18 CVEs fixed.
What's new in the updates for macOS Monterey for version 12.7.2 says:
"This update provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users."
You can check feedback in Apple's macOS Monterey discussion forum.
iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 Updates
iOS 16.7.3 and iPadOS 16.7.3
watchOS 10.2 Update
Security fixes in watchOS 10.2 lists 9 CVEs fixed.
See about watchOS 10.2 for new features, improvements, and bug fixes.
(You can check feedback in Apple's Watch discussion forum.)
tvOS 17.2 Update
About the security content of tvOS 17.2 lists 8 CVEs fixed.
See about tvOS Updates for version 17.2 new features and improvements.
You can check feedback in Apple TV discussion forum.
HomePod Software Update 17.2
Info from about HomePod Software updates for version 17.2:
"This update includes performance and stability improvements."
Here's Apple's article on how to update HomePod.
(Our Tips page has a HomePod Apple Guides section.)
You can check for feedback in Apple's HomePod forum.
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Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates (later first) Topic based Apple Guides, Tips & Troubleshooting for Mac & iPhone/iPad/watch/tvOS Users.
Other News and Software Updates
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List of Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades, Repair Articles, and more you may have missed. (Topics range from OS/software/driver updates & troubleshooting, to hardware upgrades and repairs.)
Previous News Archive Summary:
    December 4th to 8th, 2023 News Archive
  • Safari Technology Preview 184.
  • Apple MainStage 3.6.6 Update.
  • Mac GarageBand version 10.4.10 update.
  • AirPods Pro (2nd gen) Firmware Update 6B34.
  • Apple Clips app version 3.1.6.
  • Playstation 5 System Software version 23.02-08.40.00.
  • Playstation 4 System Software version 11.02.
  • Chrome 120.0.6099.71 Stable Channel Update for Mac/Linux .
  • Firefox for iOS/iPadOS 15 or later version 120.4.
  • Chrome 120.0.6099.101 for iOS/iPadOS.
  • Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles

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