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(OS X) EDID Patch Script to Force RGB Mode (vs YCbCr) on External Displays
Over the weekend a reader sent a note about another thread on EDID mods to fix washed out/color issues with some external HDMI/Displayport Monitors used with modern Macs that includes an EDID patch script. See this thread at titled Dell U2713H on Mac: forcing RGB mode instead of YCbCr. Down the thread is an update with universal EDID patch script. (I've also added this info/link to the previous page on 2012 Mac Mini HDMI display problems.)

Note for HDMI 2.0 Macs
HDMI 2.0 doesn't support 4K/UHD resolution 10-Bit RGB (4:4:4) mode at 50/60Hz (only 8-Bit), but does support 4K/UHD 10-bit/12-bit 4:2:2 Chroma at 60Hz using YCbCr mode.

HDMI 2.0 Supported Modes listing image

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