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Carbon Copy Cloner version 6.0.1 Update Release Notes
(Free 30 day trial available at
Info from the May 26, 2021 Carbon Copy Cloner v6.0.1 release notes:
  • Fixed a handful of crashers, and some cases where a task would fail, indicating an exception had occurred in the CloneKitService.

  • CCC no longer removes the "has a custom icon" bit from the destination volume's root folder, causing the Finder to not show the icon.

  • Clicking the "X" widget to dismiss a CCC notification in Notification Center will no longer activate CCC.

  • Files that fail postflight verification are now automatically tossed onto CCC's "try it again at the end of the task" queue for a second chance. If the secondary copy and verify fails, then we report the error.

  • Fixed an issue in which a task that was configured to create a bootable backup would fail, indicating that the destination volume was read-only.

  • Improved the handling of low-space conditions in cases where SafetyNet or snapshots are enabled on the destination.

  • Addressed a memory leak that led to task failure while handling sparse files on APFS volumes (e.g. Dropbox online-only placeholder files were a big driver of this one).

  • Addressed a handful of cases where a task would errantly report a "subtask timeout" while working through folders with very large numbers of files (e.g. 150K), despite no actual stall occurring.

  • When copying content from a volume that has ownership disabled (especially NAS volumes), the ownership of the items on the destination is now set to the user that created the CCC backup task.

  • Addressed an edge case in which CCC would miss some folders when copying from an APFS volume to a non-APFS volume (typically when an iTunes Music folder had a non-ASCII character in its name). Note that if you have a Quick Update task that matches this configuration, CCC 6.0.1 will automatically perform a "standard copy" audit of the destination during the next task event.

  • Improved the performance of the dynamic performance chart when moving the CCC window from a retina to non-retina display.

  • The End User License Agreement, and the preflight and postflight script names now appear correctly in Dark Mode.

  • Addressed a performance issue that led to a "subtask timeout" at the end of a task that was using the "Reverify files copied by this task" setting.

  • Fixed a loop condition that can occur if a destination NAS volume drops offline in the middle of a task and CCC lacks the credentials to remount that volume.

More info on Carbon Copy Cloner 6 (including free 30 day trial) at

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