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Carbon Copy Cloner version 6.1.6 Release Notes
(Free 30 day trial available at
Info from the May 23, 2023 Carbon Copy Cloner v6.1.6 release notes:
  • Now that Ventura adoption rate among CCC users is >60%, we changed all "Preferences" references to "Settings".

  • Addressed a crasher that only occurs on older Macs that are running Monterey or Ventura via the "Open Core Legacy Patcher".

  • Fixed a logic issue that might cause CCC to ask for NAS volume credentials when it already has them.

  • Improved the experience when using the snapshot navigator with a folder selected. Previously the scroll view was scrolling back to the top, now the folder will remain selected, and the view will be scrolled to reveal as much of the folder's content as possible.

  • Addressed a collection of spurious errors that would occur when restoring to the startup disk. Also resolved an issue in which iCloud might require you to log in again after restoring to the current startup disk.

  • Added an option to the CCC Dashboard to use the Apple menu shutdown/restart dialog when a task makes a postflight restart/shutdown request. This gives a heads up to the action and an opportunity to cancel it. This is enabled by default and configurable in the Task tab settings.

  • Fixed the color of task event status icons in the Task History window when using Dark Mode.

  • Addressed a condition where CCC was throwing in the towel a bit early when the destination was running low on free space.

  • Added a new "Descend into bundles" attribute for custom filter rules.
More info on Carbon Copy Cloner 6 (including free 30 day trial) at
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