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Report on macOS 10.14.1 install, Benchmarks from Mac Pro/Radeon RX 580 owner
Added another Mojave upgrade report to the page on Sapphire Radeon RX 580 cards in (2009-2012) Mac Pros. This one is on installing Mojave 10.14.1, and notes a later bootrom version ( than the previous 10.14 version (macOS 10.14.1's EFI adds NVMe boot support on Mac Pro 5,1.) Also includes notes on Benchmarks with his Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ Special Edition vs previous Radeon 5770 card. (Cinebench, LuxMark v3.1, GFXBench GL and Batman: Arkham City.)
2018 Mac mini SO-DIMM Memory Slots (can be upgraded)
On Nov. 6, 2018 Apple added the 2018 mini to their Mac Mini: How to remove or install memory article, with a note to upgrade memory "go to an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider".
  The bottom cover is removable (pops off) and it has 2 SO-DIMM slots, so memory can be upgraded. However the SO-Dimm slots are covered by an RFI Shield (perforated sheet) and removing the motherboard is required. (See Guides/Video below.) There's also Torx security screws holding on the main RFI shield (perf. sheet) that covers the entire open area under the bottom cover.
  It's more disassembly than the 2012 Mini to upgrade RAM but personally, rather than pay $600 to upgrade the base 8GB RAM to 32GB, I'd buy the 32GB upgrade from a trusted source and use the $200+ savings towards the SSD or CPU upgrade option at purchase.

2018 Mac mini Take-Apart and RAM Upgrade Guides
OWC has a Video on How to Upgrade Memory in 2018 Mac mini. The Nov. 7, 2018 news page had links to a Late 2018 Mac mini Memory Replacement Guide and 2018 Mac Mini Teardown + RAM Upgrade Guide YouTube Video.

Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for macOS 10.12.6 build with Security Update 2018-005
Nvidia graphics driver update for the build number with Security Update 2018-005 installed.
Here's the Oct 31st, 2018 dated US driver download page. Check Nvidia prefs for CUDA updates. (Above driver download page's CUDA link goes to a version that doesn't list 10.12.x support.)
(See our Mac Nvidia Drivers page for web graphics driver update for 10.13.6 build 17G3025, as well as later Mac Nvidia graphics driver updates as they are released.)
macOS Mojave 10.14.1, Security Updates for High Sierra and Sierra
I thought it odd the download pages show the exact same file size for Sierra & High Sierra updates. (Dave wrote 2018-002 is appx 1.7GB ?? That sounds like an OS Upgrade. 2018-005 was appx 780 MB.) An Oct. 31st post said that Security Update 2018-002 downloaded as an Mojave install? (As if download from Apple's servers was incorrect.) But I saw one later post Friday AM (Kurt's post at bottom of this page) that said after restoring from a backup after the first try (app store install failure), the download 10.13.6 Security Update 2018-002 (link above) finally worked. (Maybe they've recently corrected something, but problem reports keep appearing in apple's forum threads.)

BTW: Several threads in the High Sierra forum on problems installing Security Update 2018-002 (using App store or download updater). Not sure if they have 3rd party security software installed or if that could be a factor. (Also check if you're using a proxy - a recent post from 'szabogi' down the page in this thread said that caused problems with updates. He didn't realize a proxy was enabled.)

FYI on Nvidia Web Driver Updates:
There's been no Mojave Nvidia web driver updates yet, but a reminder to 10.13.6/10.12.6 users of Nvidia's web graphics drivers. New OS updates or later build numbers after Security Updates typically break currently installed Nvidia web graphics drivers. I'd switch to the default Apple driver and reboot before updating, if your card is supported with the default drivers. If not, wait for a Nvidia driver update. (Some non-Mac EFI cards are not supported by default OS X drivers.)
(As usual, I'll add download pages for Nvidia Mac updates to our Mac Nvidia Drivers page.)
Update: See above for 10.12.6 (16G1618) driver, & driver 387. for 10.13.6 (17G3025).

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