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Apple announces new Apple M1 Chip Based Macs
macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 and Xcode 12.2 Released (Big Sur is a dot zero, major OS upgrade - I'd not install it over my work macOS version.)
Little Snitch version 5.0.2 Update
November 13th Little Snitch 5.0.2 update for macOS Big Sur.
The release notes lists improvements and several bug fixes.
Final Cut Pro 10.6, Compressor 4.5, Motion 5.5, MainStage 3.5, & Logic Pro 10.6
- Release notes, What's New, and Pro Video Formats v2.2 download on this page.
(Also has info on Logic Remote iOS App version 1.5.)
Safari 14.0.1 Update for macOS Catalina and Mojave
Available via software update, includes security fixes.
Security Update 2020-006 for macOS Mojave and High Sierra (with Downloads)
Security Update 2020-006 for Mojave, & High Sierra via software update or download pages.
(On release day, Apple reported problems with the Software Update server.)
Here's the article on Kernel and FontParser security fixes.

(For those that had problems via software update, I'm curious if the download update helps.)

NOTE: Apple's High Sierra forum has several threads on problems running App Store Apps (CODESIGNING error) after the update for High Sierra. Not sure if the download updaters will help. Example threads (although some cite a fresh install of High Sierra?) here, here, and here.)
A reader (Bill S.) said he's had no problems with App Store apps after applying the High Sierra Security Update 2020-006:

"I have very few apps from the app store, but those still work okay after the 2020-006 Security update. If you can tell me one example of a particular app that has been reported not to work, I will download it and give it a try.
- Bill "
I don't think it was related to specific apps, but a general (codesigning) issue.
(BTW - Bill also has another Hackintosh running macOS Mojave.)

FYI: If you use Nvidia's web graphics drivers for 10.13.6, the Security Update's new build number requires a driver update. See Nov. 17th, 2020 update on our Mac Nvidia Drivers page.

Geekbench 5.3 Update (supports M1 chip Macs)
The blog post on Geekbench v5.3 notes:
  • Introduce support for Apple Silicon Macs.
    Geekbench 5.3 is a Universal binary and can now measure the native performance of Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs. Geekbench 5.3 can also measure the Rosetta 2 performance of Apple Silicon Macs.

  • Introduce support for VAES256 instructions.
    Geekbench 5.3 includes a VAES256 implementation of the AES-XTS workload, which will improve performance on processors that support VAES256 instructions but not VAES512 instructions (e.g., the AMD Zen 3 processors). Processors that support both VAES256 and VAES512 instructions (e.g., the Intel Ice Lake and Tiger Lake processors) will use the existing VAES512 implementation of the AES-XTS workload.

  • Geekbench 5.3 CPU Benchmark scores are compatible with Geekbench 5.1 and Geekbench 5.2 scores (except when run on Apple Silicon Macs or AMD Zen 3 processors, in which case 5.3 scores will be higher than 5.2 scores). Geekbench 5.3 Compute Benchmark scores are compatible with Geekbench 5.2.
Updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps for Mac and iOS
(Mac apps require macOS 10.15 or later, iOS apps require iOS 13.1 or later.)
Apple/Products related News, Updates, Tips, PR (later added first)
  • I've added Nov. 11th dated downloads of the macOS 10.15.7 Supplemental Update and a macOS 10.15.7 Combo Update to the Nov. 5th page on the Supplemental update.

  • macOS GarageBand version 10.4.1 for macOS Big Sur. (Requires macOS 11.0 or later)
    - Refined new design on macOS Big Sur.
    - Improved performance & efficiency on Macs with Apple silicon.
    - Allows customization of region colours in your tracks.
    - Adds over 190 instrument patches and 50 vintage and modern drum kits.
    - Adds 1,800 Apple Loops in a variety of genres.
    - More details in the GarageBand for macOS release notes.

  • Carbon Copy Cloner article on Bootable Big Sur backups updated with this note:
    "Apple addressed some of the APFS replication issues in the Big Sur 11.0.1 update, and CCC 5.1.23-b1 includes support for making bootable backups on Big Sur. This build is also a Universal Binary, so it will run natively on M1 Macs. Obviously we won't know if it will make a bootable backup of an M1 Mac yet, but we'll be sorting that out over the next few weeks during the CCC 5.1.23 beta cycle. To access the beta, go to CCC's Preferences > Software Update and check the box to be informed of beta releases, then click the button to check for updates. Please note that this does not change our advice on waiting for the upgrade, we think it's best practice to wait for some OS updates to come along before applying a major OS upgrade to a production Mac."

  • CNAME Cloaking and Bounce Tracking Defense (apple webkit blog)
    - "Covers several enhancements to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in Safari 14 on macOS Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave, iOS 14, and iPadOS 14 to address our latest discoveries in the industry around tracking."

  • iPhone and iPad apps are coming to Mac (apple developer news)

  • Apple TestFlight iOS App v3.0.0 (app store)
    - Support for automatic updates, ensuring you're testing the latest beta build.
    - Stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Microsoft Office for Mac (365/2019) version 16.43 (20110804)
    - See Nov. 10, 2020 release notes. (with security update for Excel.)

  • Yamaha ProVisionaire Touch iOS App v3.7.0 (Free, for iOS 11 or later)
    (Customizable wireless iPad control for Yamaha PA systems)
    - Added the "External Events" function.
    - Modified (fixed?) the small bugs.
    - Yamaha Announces ProVisionaire Version 3.8 Update (pr)
    - ProVisionaire Touch for iPad product page with details, supported devices, etc.
    (Down the page is a ProVisionaire Touch Setup Guide (PDF) download.)
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