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Sonnet driver update for SATA Tempo E4P PCIe card and Pro Expresscard
[FYI: Several E4P owners reported problems with v2.2.0 drivers and the Oct. 19th news has info on their re-posting v2.1.9 drivers for those that had problems w/2.2.0]
(original post from Oct. 13th follows)
Brian sent a FYI on another Sonnet driver update (posted yesterday), v2.2.0 drivers for their Marvell chip based (IIRC) Tempo SATA E4P (PCIe) and "Pro" Expresscards:

"This software enables the use of Tempo SATA E4P in Mac Pro computers and Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34 in MacBook Pro computers running Mac OS X.
This version fixes an issue that caused devices to unmount when a device error occurred, adds drive spin down support during sleep, and adds support for Exar- and new Marvell-based port multiplier drive enclosures."

I welcome feedback on these drivers from PCIe card or "Pro" expresscard users. (Please include info on drive/enclosure used as well as OS version. Thanks.)
FYI - Wednesday's news has some reader feedback on these drivers, including some problem reports (perhaps related to enclosure used).

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iMovie 8.0.5 released
Spotted at Apple today:

"About iMovie 8.0.5
This update improves compatibility with a number of devices and fixes other minor issues, including:
  • Improved compatibility with camcorders using the iFrame video format
  • Improved compatibility with importing video captured on the iPod nano
  • Fixed problems with resizing the iMovie window during playback

The update is recommended for all users of iMovie '09.
System Requirements: OS X 10.5.6 or later"

There's also a couple related support docs updates today - iMovie '09: About the iFrame Video format and iMovie '09: Camcorder Support

FYI for G4 Owners For readers that used the iMovie 09 patch/edit for G4 Mac use, if none of the 8.0.5 changes matter to you, just stay with your current version as updating will of course overwrite the edited/patched iMovie app. (Update: Wednesday morning I updated the patch/edit info with offsets for iMovie 8.0.5 - thanks again to "Runaway" for the new offsets.)

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Reader Feedback on SI3132 v1.1.11u Drivers with Snow Leopard
Replies to yesterday's post/request for feedback on SI's 3132 v1.1.11u (beta) driver. (From SI's drivers page.) These note 32-bit Snow Leopard support although reportedly also have a fix for the >2GB ram issue some users reported in the past.

"I could never get any of the 1.1.9 drivers to work. With my setup I got random freezes when writing. This was using a Cavalry 1TB external USB/eSATA HD. Addonics SiI3132 PCI Express (1x) 2-port card in a Mac Pro 3,1 (dual Quad-Core 2.8GHz) running OS X 10.6.1.
(Using the SI 1.1.11u beta drivers) I just completed a 47GB Time Machine (incremental) backup to that drive without any problems. I also have a couple of other Acomdata eSATA 2.5" drives as well as a Thermaltake eSATA dock which I will try later. If I encounter any issues I'll update you.
Regards, Karl"

" I just installed the driver for my Dynex 2-Port eSATA II Expresscard Model DX-EASTL on my Macbook Pro 17in 2.8GHz 4GB ram, running OS X 10.6.1. Inserted the card into the laptop turned on my 1TB WD My Book ES. The drive popped up on the desktop after a few seconds then icon changed to time machine then it commenced to backup 3GB of data. So far no kernel panics like before.

" Working fine for me with a generic PCIe card ( and an EdgeStore DAS200 ( with RAID. Mac Pro (1,1) Dual 2.66GHz (dual-core), 9GB ram running OS X 10.6.1.
So glad I didn't buy 200 worth of Firmtek products last week, procrastination wins out!
-Tony C."

" Firstly, thanks for your website which has helped me over so many years :) Well, just a little report on my experience with the new beta 1.1.11 drivers.
I use 3 kinds of enclosures
  • ICYDOCK 4 slots - (eSATA and USB)
  • 5 slots eSATA only enclosure (some taiwanese brand)
  • 2 slots - drop-in eSATA HD dock (eSATA and USB).

I have 2 cards in the mac pro right now.
When I upgraded to snow leopard, the Si3132 based cards always run into KP when I boot up with the 1.1.9 drivers installed. I have at least 3 different brands of those cards and they all won't work. I finally gave in and purchased firmtek's card to test as they have native snow leopard drivers for their 3132 cards. If you try booting the mac pro with the firmtek drivers installed and any other-brands 3132 cards, the machine will KP as well. (I mentioned that the day they posted their first SL driver update. Instant KP with that driver as soon as I inserted a (non-Firmtek) Sil3132 Expresscard.-Mike)

However, with the firmtek card, I keep encountering my HD in some of the enclosures losing connection and then hanging the system. Or copying huge amounts of files and the HD would just stop working. (I asked if he was using their latest driver update (v5.4.1 released Sept. 23rd), their 2nd update for Snow Leopard.-Mike)
Yes I did use both the 5.4.1 and 5.4 drivers.
At those times I couldn't stop/shut down the copying process and the finder would hang. Then I have to do a hard shut off (holding down the power button). Maybe the firmtek card would work better with the firmtek enclosures only? (that's the sore spot with eSATA - potential enclosure/bridge board issues (even chip mfrs warn about that).-Mike)

However, with this new driver (1.1.11u), the 3rd party Si3132 cards (I have one from apiotek and another one is bundled with the ICY DOCK) both work rather well. I've been copying almost 500GB of data with no problems so far. It appears that at this BETA stage, the driver seems to be more stable than the firmtek one. I also received an email from the tech support of APIOTEK saying the final version of the SI drivers should arrive end of October.
Yee-Wei Chai"

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Sonnet posted updated drivers (1.1.11u) for their 3132 based SATA PCIe/Expresscard
A reader (thanks Brian) replied to yesterday's post on the Silicon Image 1.1.11u (beta) driver release that includes (32-bit) support for Snow Leopard with a note that Sonnet also posted updated drivers yesterday (v1.1.11u) for their 3132-chip based (non-Pro model) Expresscard and Tempo E2P PCIe card. (I suspect as before the pkg contains the same driver/kext as the SI site download.) No info was in the SI download readme, but Sonnet notes that 1.1.11u also includes a fix for >2GB ram issues. (I didn't see that problem personally but some have.)
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