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October 9th to 13th, 2023 News and Apple Updates     Go to Current News Page

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= Recent Updates/Articles =

iOS 16.7.1 and iPadOS 16.7.1 (security fixes)
AirPods Pro (2nd gen) Firmware Update 6A303
Info on Firmware update version 6A303 for AirPods Pro (2nd generation):
- Bug fixes and other improvements.
Firefox updates for iOS/iPadOS and Mac
Firefox for iOS/iPadOS 14 or later version 118.2 includes "Bug Fixes".

Firefox 118.0.2 release notes lists several bug and stability fixes:
  • Fixed games not loading on (bug 1856145)
  • Fixed printing issues for some SVG images (bug 1853727)
  • Fixed CORS XHR with authentication no longer working (bug 1855650)
  • Fixed h264 WebRTC video not working in some contexts (bug 1855636)
  • Fixed Firefox Translations not working on some pages (bugs 1841656 - 1855307)
  • Stability fixes (bugs 1851991 - 1799326 - 1856637)
VLC Media Player 3.0.19
Recently saw the VLC Media Player for Mac and Windows pages have a download link for version 3.0.19, but I've not found any info on this version as of post time. (Noticed it Oct. 12th, but as of Oct 20th, the VLC news page still had no info on 3.0.19. Not sure if it's a security update, and/or bug fixes. I'm not using VLC currently and am not installing 3.0.19.)
(Listed requirements are the same as v3.0.18 from Dec. 2022, which had the usual release info.)
Requires Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later, Mac with 64-bit Intel processor or Apple Silicon chip.
(VLC for older OS X versions are listed down the linked page.)
Other News, Software and Firmware Updates (later first)
Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates Topic based Apple Guides, Tips & Troubleshooting for Mac & iPhone/iPad/watch/tvOS Users.
Recent Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades and Repairs:
List of Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades, Repair Articles, and more you may have missed. (Topics range from OS/software/driver updates & troubleshooting, to hardware upgrades and repairs.)
Previous News Archive Summary:
    October 2nd to 6th, 2023 News Archive
  • Final Cut Pro 10.6.10 for macOS.
  • Final Cut Pro for iPad version 1.2.1.
  • Motion 5.6.7 update (bug fix).
  • iMovie 10.3.10 for macOS.
  • Safari Technology Preview 180.
  • iOS 17.0.3 & iPadOS 17.0.3 Updates (bug and security fixes).
  • iOS 17.0.3 lists fix for iPhone overheating.
  • Logic Pro for iPad version 1.0.1
  • Micromat TechTool Pro 18.1.1 (supports Sonoma)
  • Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver v3.1.6 for macOS 11.x/12.x/13.x.
  • Pixelmator Pro version 3.4.2 for macOS.
  • iOS Pixelmator version 3.1.1.
  • LG Z2 OLED TV Firmware Update 03.33.80.
  • LG C2 & G2 OLED TVs Firmware Update 03.33.80.
  • LG B2 OLED TV Firmware Update 03.33.80.
  • LG CX/GX/WX OLED TVs Firmware Update 04.50.50.
  • Updated Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Articles

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