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OS X 10.9.5 Update (info/download)
Info from about 10.9.5 doc. (Info on Security fixes in Apple doc below.)
"The OS X Mavericks v10.9.5 Update is recommended for all OS X Mavericks users. It improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. This update:
  • Improves the reliability of VPN connections that use USB smart cards for authentication
  • Improves the reliability of accessing files located on an SMB server
  • Includes Safari 7.0.6
    (Safari 7.1 (w/security fixes) is available via software update in OS X 10.9.5)

Enterprise content
For enterprise customers, this update:

  • Fixes an issue with group membership in large network groups, that also might prevent administrators from performing some administrative tasks successfully.
  • Allows for faster authentication when roaming on 802.1x networks which use EAP-TLS.

For detailed information about the security content of this update, see Apple security updates. (Here's the specific doc on security fixes in OS X 10.9.5)

Here's links to download pages for the delta and combo updaters:

Check Apple's OS X Mavericks forum for feedback (usually on problems), although some will post in a specific mac model forum. (And here's the Safari forum as sometimes updates break 3rd party extensions or have other issues.)

BTW: I installed the delta OS X 10.9.5 update and it disabled the SSD TRIM mod I'd done for the Mac Mini's Intel 520 SSD. (Not tried the same mod (terminal commands) used with 10.9.4 yet to see if it still worked with OS X 10.9.5. I also have a backup of the patched kext from 10.9.4 I could restore (did that before finding string changes for 10.9.4), but for now just going to leave it as is.)

(Update: Nvidia released CUDA & Quadro/Geforce Driver Updates for OS X 10.9.5.)

Security Update 2014-004 for OS X Lion/Lion Server/Mountain Lion
(Download pages linked. Should also be available via SU. Info on fixes included in this doc)

You can check Apple's OS X Lion forum and OS X Mountain Lion forum for feedback.

Apple TV 7.0 Update (3rd generation only)
(Info on Updating 2nd/3rd Generation Apple TVs.)

Feature Summary
Refreshed user experience A fresh new look for Apple TV.
Family Sharing Play your family’s purchases.
Ask to Buy Make sure children get permission before buying items from iTunes.
Descriptive Video Services Hear descriptive video with a new accessibility feature coming to select iTunes movies and TV shows later this year.
Peer-to-peer AirPlay Guests can AirPlay from their Mac or iOS device directly to your Apple TV (model A1469 or later) without connecting to your wireless network.
Beats Music Listen to music that's always right for you.

Software update 7.0 is available only for Apple TV (3rd generation). Find out which Apple TV you have.

Apple TV 6.2.1 Update (2nd generation only)
Feature Summary
Stability and performance Includes general performance and stability improvements.

Today's Apple Support article updates includes info on security fixes in Apple TV 7.0. (I don't own a newer (Gen2/Gen3) Apple TV but you can check for feedback in Apple's Apple TV forum. And for anyone that missed it/has trouble restoring after an update problem, here's a previous post with Tips for Problems/Errors Restoring an Apple TV via USB Cable.)

Apple/Mac related News/SW Updates/Reviews/Rumors/PR:

Here's links to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch forums if you're looking for early reports on updating to iOS 8. (Granted usually most are problem related and not always common but I'd suggest holding off on upgrading early. Especially for older devices like iPad2 and iPhone 4.)

New/Updated Apple Support Articles: (Sept. 17th and 16th)

(Topic-based page of Tips, Troubleshooting & How-To Guides for Mac/OS X/iOS Users.)

Recent DIY Articles/Tips/Upgrades/Repairs:
List of Updates, DIY mod/upgrade articles, Tips and more you may have missed. (Mac compatible 802.11ac wifi cards/adapters, DIY Mac Pro 6 and 12-core CPU Upgrades, Mac Pro Northbridge Heatsink Retainer Repair, Mac EFI/SMC/SW updates, OS X Tips, Low-Cost CPU Upgrades for early Mac Pros/Xserves and Minis, Mac Mini SSD upgrades, OS X SSD Trim Enablers, DIY Fusion drives and more.)

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    - Final Cut Pro X: How to Back up projects, events, and libraries
    - Final Cut Pro X: How to Restore a library from automatic backups
    - Final Cut Pro X: How to Copy or move items between libraries and hard disks
    - Final Cut Pro X: How to Consolidate projects, events, and libraries
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    - Final Cut Pro X: Managing libraries overview
    - Final Cut Pro X: About background rendering
    - Final Cut Pro X: Manage storage locations
    - Final Cut Pro X: Compound clips overview
    - Final Cut Pro X: Adding clips overview

For links to older news pages, see the Archives.

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