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2010 Mac Mini Server Drive Temperature Sensors Info/Photos
(from owner swapping in dual SSDs)

Posted: June 18th, 2010

(The June 17th news page had some comments on special drive cables/thermal sensors in the new 2010 Mac Minis (and reminders on HD brand specific/temp sensor cables for late 09 iMacs). The first take aparts of the 2010 Mini (standard and server model) didn't include any info on that (but may be added later). A reader with a 2010 Mini server sent notes and photos on the cables/thermal sensors during his SSD upgrade/drive swap.)

HDD temp sensors Mac mini (mid 2010)
i just swapped the two harddrives in my brand new Mac mini Server and installed my two intel SSDs.

There are three temperature sensors glued to the two factory-installed hard drives. They can be removed and I was able to attach them onto my SSDs. The drive which would be installed also in the standard Mac mini (mid 2010) has two sensors attached, the one that's additionally installed instead of the optical drive has one sensor attached.

For the new standard Mac mini you don't have to remove the main logic board to swap the factory installed HDD. I had to completely disassemble the Mac mini Server in order to swap both hard drives. IMHO much more complicated than the last revision of the Mac mini Server...
Regards, Michael


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In case anyone else buys a Mini server and wants to run OS X 10.6.4 client instead of server, see the Aug 9, 2010 news page for tips on How to get 10.6.4 client working on 2010 Mac Mini Server Model. (Hopefully with later OS X updates those tricks will not be required.)

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