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Mac ATI Radeon 5870 and 5770 at Apple Store
The ATI Radeon 5870 appeared at the Apple store for $449 on 8/9/2010 AM. Apple listed it as compatible with 2009 and 2010 Mac Pros, but wondering if like the 4870, although not listed as compatible, it worked with older Macs Pros - even with PCIe 1.0/EFI32 models. (I'd expect it to at least work with 2008 Mac Pros.)

The ATI Radeon 5770 was also listed ($249) and for 2010 Mac Pros only. (Questions already posted as to why it's listed as 2010 Mac Pro only, unlike the 5870 and of course if it works with earlier models - later reports said it did.)

Update: (from Aug. 26th, 2010 news)
Several mails on this earlier this week and I'm sure you've already seen other web posts on it from 2010 mac pro owners that tried the cards in earlier Mac Pros. Not surprisingly these cards do work in older Mac Pros, despite apple not listing them as supported. (Same thing with last year's Radeon 4870 card.)
For 2008 Mac Pros (at least with proper drivers) both 5870/5770 have full functionality. (A 2008 Mac Pro owner sent screenshots, etc. - he used the 2010 mac pro disk he said). But with older (2006/7) Mac Pros an early 5770 report said the MiniDisplay Ports are not functional. My first feeling was this is a driver issue.
Update/FYI: OWC reported they could not get a 5870 working at all in a 2006/7 Mac Pro, but an owner said that the 5870 works in a 2006 Mac Pro - he used the 2010 Mac Pro boot drive. Not sure what is different, but OWC apparently has still not been able to get the 5870 working in their early Mac Pro. (Leading to questions on ROM/EFI versions, etc.)

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2010 Mac Pros available for order
The Apple store had the new 2010 Mac Pros available for order with an est. 7-10 business days as of 8/10/2010 AM.
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How to get 10.6.4 client working on 2010 Mac Mini Server Model
[See below for tips and solution.]

"mac mini server 2010 running osx snow leopard
I'm sure some of your sophisticated readers have bought a server to run regular snow leopard on. i have read every forum article I can find and cant get mine to work. Could you post the question and see if anyone ponys up?
I'm now on day eight of my quest and have been to frys twice. The genius bar 3 times and have another genius bar appt. tomorrow. I've tried the regular 2010 restore system disc and it's not working. thanks for the help.

I wasn't clear from the above exactly what the problem was so I asked if he tried a FW target disk mode install/applying the 2010 mini 10.6.4 (client) update, etc. I was tempted to write a reader that previously sent the article on 2010 mac Mini server dual SSD swaps, but later mails included info/tips to solve the problem.

"You can install 10.6.4 client on a mini however you will lose Ethernet and the sd card slot unless you manually bring over the kext files from an install from the original server discs. Even with the (2010) 10.6.4 mac mini update.
-Ryan G."

And a follow-up from the reader that's got it working.

"this is the story i sent to apple tech support. hope it makes sense.

Begin forwarded message:

Hey there rebecca.... well the story has a happy ending. And the surprising thing is that its way simpler than you could imagine.

you dont need a restore disk. you just need 10.6.4. I couldnt install snow leopard direct to the mini server so I installed it to a hard drive. updated it etc - and then followed whats below. I couldnt get the two files off the dvd so i installed the server software back to the server because I had already erased it in my excitement. Then I copied the two files in this posting from the servers system extensions. And followed whats below. By the way - it worked on a superduper clone exact same way. Then I did a disk utility restore and ethernet is good.
This is from a gentleman named ichiro and the posting is from the apple discussions forum:

"There are new network extensions for the new MacMini

Put the OS X install DVD that came with your MacMini
From finder Menu "Go" then "Go to Folder"
Type in the following "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Library/Extensions/"
Find the following files and copy them to your desktop:

Find the same 2 files in your New MacMini Hard Drive in the same location for example "Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions/"
Back up the 2 files
Copy the new files from the DVD (that you copied to your desktop) to your Hard Drive (Same location)
Then make sure you Repair Permissions

Please please please can you pass this on to the people in charge and also to the genius bar people. I was at the apple store three times. Once to buy snow leopard 10.6.3 and twice to the genius bar. No one got it right. ichiro did and it's supremely easy and after I figured out what he meant it took about two minutes. Could you please let me know that you read this. And the repairing permissions is very important." (You should do that any time you replace kexts, edit system plists, etc.)

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2009 Mac Pro External Bluetooth Antenna Mod

One of the later posts in the ongoing thread regarding 2009 Mac Pro's Poor Bluetooth reception links to a blog page with notes on Mac Pro 2009 Bluetooth Fixes, including a guide with photos of his external (via PCIe slot bracket) Bluetooth Antenna mod.
(The blog also discusses other options like using a USB Bluetooth adapter.)
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