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Carbon Copy Cloner 5.1.25 Update
See CCC 5.1.25 release notes for details on fixes and improvements.
(More info on Carbon Copy Cloner 5 (including free 30 day trial) at
(M1 Mac) Big Sur DVD Playback still causes CVM Server Crash (not fixed in 11.2.3)
(First seen after macOS 11.2 update, still not fixed in 11.2.3/11.3. FIXED in 11.3.1 update.)
Saw a report from a M1 owner on problems with the USB-C/TB3 port after macOS 11.2 update, so wanted see if any issues seen with a friend's M1 Mini (8GB/512GB) with macOS 11.2.x, using Apple USB-C to USB adapter connected to Apple USB SuperDrive (circa 2012). (Drive also works with direct connection to USB-A port.) Only Apple bundled software installed and no data was ever migrated. (Using HDMI Samsung 2493HM 1920x1200 LCD display.)

Inserted a DVD (2011 Drive movie) that had tested OK with macOS 11.1 (no crash reports). The initial (small) viewer window appears, then a spinning rainbow Cursor, then switches to full screen mode and the disc's main menu video/audio plays. Performance seems poor. (There's no DVD Player prefs to stop automatic fullscreen mode?) Since the port/drive was working, I quit DVD Player and ejected the disc. I then checked the Console App and for the first time ever on this mini (only Apple supplied software, no migrated data), there was a crash report - CVMServer (EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS), Bus error: 10).
Inserted another DVD (13 Hours movie) - same behavior seen and another CVMServer crash report created. (The DVD player app doesn't crash, but every DVD disc played causes a CVMServer crash. Launching the DVD Player without a DVD in the drive doesn't cause a CVMServer crash.)
The DVDs used were retail, commercial movie versions, not burned discs. Also did a Safe Mode boot (to clear caches, etc). And disconnected USB-C adapter, booted up, then reconnected it. No help. (Also tried with the Superdrive connected to a USB-A port, no difference.)

BTW: Playing a Music CD using the Music App doesn't cause a crash report.
(The SuperDrive also works using the USB-A port. Not tried writing CD/DVDs.)

Other Reports of CVM Server Crashes since macOS Big Sur 11.2
I've seen several other M1 Mac owners report (repeated) CVM Server crashes in Apple's forums since macOS 11.2 - some forcing a restart. One user said it happened in Preview app with .png files, a M1 Macbook owner said just opening the lid caused the crash/restart - see posts in CVM Server Crash every day thread. Other CVM Server crash threads here & here. Appears related to Apple's OpenGL.framework. (Unlike those Apple forum post cases, DVD Playback on the M1 doesn't crash the entire operating system or cause the DVD player to quit, but generates a CVMServer Crash report in the Console.)

Have repeatedly reported this to Apple via the macOS feedback page (Bug Report selected).

(macOS Big Sur 11.2 updated the M1 Mac Mini's firmware version to 6723.81.1. I wonder if it's related to the CVM Server crashes, since the Big Sur 11.2 update is when the crashes started, and still not fixed as of macOS 11.2.3 update. M1 Mac Mini firmware has not been updated since macOS 11.2.)

macOS Big Sur 11.2, Security Update 2021-001 for Catalina and Mojave
Security Update 2021-001 also available via download pages below.
(Big Sur 11.2 was a 4.18GB download for M1 Macs; 3.66GB for Intel CPU Macs.)
Info from What's new in macOS Big Sur 11.2:
" macOS Big Sur 11.2 improves Bluetooth reliability and fixes the following issues:

  • External displays may show a black screen when connected to a Mac mini (M1, 2020) using an HDMI to DVI converter.

  • Edits to Apple ProRAW photos in the Photos app may not save.

  • iCloud Drive could turn off after disabling the iCloud Drive Desktop & Documents Folders option.

  • System Preferences may not unlock when entering your administrator password.

  • Globe key may not display the Emoji & Symbols pane when pressed.
Some features may not be available for all regions, or on all Apple devices."
Not mentioned, but Apple promised fixes for missing resolutions for ultra-wide displays in a future update. I saw a reply in this mac mini forum thread about the macOS 11.2 update
"Latest Big Sur update gives me 5120x1440 120hz and freesync but only with Display Port 1.2. If I change to Display Port 1.4 I get a blank screen. Any idea why? Samsung CR49."
(See later posts for notes about trying a different/better cable.)
Another M1 user had previously said he had to set his Monitor to DisplayPort v1.2 (not 1.4).

If you are updating a M1 mini using a HDMI Display, you may see flickering random lines, etc. on screen at one stage of the macOS 11.2 update, just before the progress bar screen. After the macOS 11.2 update, the M1 Mini firmware version is 6723.81.1 (per System Report info).

Security fixes in macOS 11.2 & Security Update 2021-001
Info on security fixes in macOS 11.2 and Security Update 2021-001 for Catalina & Mojave.

(Although dated Feb. 5, 2021, the download pages were not online until several days later.)

User Feedback on these Updates
You can check for feedback in Apple's Big Sur, Mojave, & Catalina forums.
(And for M1 Mac owners, also check the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, & MacBook Air forums.)

FYI: Some M1 Mac Mini owners say USB-C ports are not working after macOS 11.2 update.
(There are other threads on this problem, but the above is the most active.)

M1 Mac SoftRAID Users shouldn't update to macOS 11.2
Sponsor OWC warns that M1 Macs running SoftRAID should not update to macOS 11.2.
(Includes info on reverting back to macOS 11.1.)

Safari 14.0.3 Update (security fixes)
Safari 14.0.3 has security fixes and is included in macOS Big Sur 11.2.
It's available via software update for macOS Catalina & Mojave.
Firefox 85.0.1 and Firefox ESR 78.7.1 Updates
(On Feb. 9th, Firefox 85.0.2 released with deadlock fix.)
  • Firefox 85.0.1 includes a security fix, fixed a crash when authenticating to websites using SPNEGO on MacOS with Apple Silicon CPUs, fixes printing an extra blank page at the end of some documents, fixed a browser crash in case of unexpected Cache API state and fIxed external URL scheme handlers when using the Firefox flatpak.

  • Firefox ESR 78.7.1 includes the same security fix as above.

Apple/Products related News, Tips, Updates, PR

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Other News, Software Updates, and Firmware Updates (later added first)
Recent Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades and Repairs:
List of Updates, DIY Upgrades, Repair Articles, Tips and more you may have missed. (Topics range from OS/software/driver updates and troubleshooting, to hardware upgrades and repairs.)

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  • Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates.

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