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Logic Pro 10.7.7 Update
The Logic Pro 10.7.7 update release notes lists this fix for macOS Ventura Requirements lists macOS 12.3 or later.
Many M2 Mac mini owners reporting Wi-Fi Problems [= skip =]
(Early posts were with macOS 13.2, but some still have problems even in later macOS versions.)
Apple forum thread on Mac Mini M2 Wi-Fi issues. The "Me Too" button shows 936 as of Page 34, Aug. 2023. See below for user posted tips. (No Wi-Fi base info in first posts, but some said their M1 mini or other Macs were OK.) Here's a few initial posts:
"New Mac Mini M2 has constant issues with Wi-Fi. Its unusable. Ethernet works perfectly, but when using Wi-Fi the connection will consistently drop packets. Wi-Fi works perfectly with older Mac mini M1, MacBook Pro, Intel Mac in the same small office. I have turned off all other devices and still have same issue. Did a factory reset and same issues.
(he later wrote)
On Wi-Fi, when it actually connects, speed max is 400Mbps and drops to 240Mbps and connection dies. Upload is the same, EVEN WORSE. On a MBP in same room on Wi-Fi, I get 600Mbps stable, perfect, beautiful.
(his later reply to a post with troubleshooting advice)
Tried all (suggestions), except Safe-mode, until now. Booted into safe-mode and it seemed better for a few minutes, then connection halted. Also took a look at the Wi-Fi details (hold option, then click Wi-Fi). I noticed the RSSI drops to 0 and back up to -36dbm. (his later post includes a screenshot showing this.)
(An update posted Thursday afternoon to other owners:)
Are you on Comcast or using the Xfinity Xfi Wi-Fi modem/router. I noticed I lost all Wi-Fi late last night to all machines. This morning this Mac mini Wi-Fi issue seems to be resolved for now (While on phone with Apple reporting the issue).
- K2Kevin"
A reply from an M2 Pro mini owner:
"I have the New Mac Mini M2 Pro and I have the same issue. Its practically unusable with Wi-Fi. Everything else works fine. I have 1 GBPS connection but it drops to 264 kbps at times smh for real. Love the chip, but what the ****.
Another M2 Pro owner replied:
"Same problem. Brand new Mac Mini M2 Pro. Only the new Mac has problems connecting to the 5GHz network. The other Macs in the office connects fine. The Mac mini connects to the 2.4GHz
Thread page 2 has other owner posts and suggestions, including some related to Wi-Fi 6 routers.
"Just separated my wifi network from shared SSID into 2 standalone SSID, 2.4GHz only and 5GHz only. Now manually connected to "2.4 only", it works perfectly without any problem, the "5 only" somehow works, but not stable, many packages are getting lost, get some big swing on the chart when doing a

*** UPDATE ***
Disable AWDL will solve the 5GHz connection problem:

Disable: sudo ifconfig awdl0 down

Enable: sudo ifconfig awdl0 up

The airdrop and some other direct link function will be disabled, but at least I can use the 5g WIFI for now, until apple release a solution.
- hanlanx"

Thread page 3 has workarounds including:
  1. using the same channel as the Apple Wireless Direct network
    (5GHz channel 149 in US, channel 44 in EU)
    - and if there's still issues try:
  2. turning off services that use Apple Wireless Direct Network.
    (AirDrop/Handoff and AirPlay receiver)
(Hopefully a fix later that does not require disabling features.)
A reply to the post above said the channel change helped.

"ASherlock" said none of the suggestions helped and he's getting a replacement M2 Pro mini and will report on it when received.
One user on Feb. 3rd said a replacement HDMI cable seemed to fix his problems.
(Didn't say if the mini was a M2 or M2 Pro, cable spec, or what display was used.
I've used HDMI 2.1 (PS5) with an LG C2 & Mini M1 next to each other, no 5GHz Wi-Fi issues.)

In August 2023, one M2 mini owner said setting his Router's 5GHz to 40MHz (vs 80MHz) seemed to solve it. (Like some others, he previously had blamed HDMI interference and switched to USB-C for his display, but later said the problem reappeared. He then posted about the bandwidth change.)

There's also a thread on Mini M2 Pro Internet (Ethernet) Problems, where an owner mentioned his Wi-Fi speed problems were due to the M2 Mini being on top of a USB-C Hub/Docking station. (Deja vu from years ago where 2012 mini had problems with some USB 3.0 devices that were poorly shielded. That affected the 2.4GHz band. Apple posted a support article on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues caused by wireless interference that was later revised to add info on Thunderbolt 3 devices.)

Some M2 Mac mini owners reporting Ethernet Problems
(Below posted before macOS Ventura 13.2.1 was released.)
For M2 Mini owners having Ethernet issues, here's a post that has helped several others:

" Ok, I've just changed a setting in the network hardware pane for my Ethernet connection:

- switched to "configure manually"
- disabled AVB/EAV mode.

and rebooted.
It's been 15 minutes and internet is fast, downloads don't stall, and I haven't lost a single ping.
- Patrick P."

You may also need to manually set the Speed (instead of Auto setting).
One of the later replies in that thread mentions selecting a speed (vs Auto):
" Similar issue, M2 Pro, ethernet switching on & off with a frequency of approx 3s.
Solution by Patrick (many thanks!) almost worked.
In addition, I had to explicitly select the speed in addition to switching AVB off.
Wasted three hours with friendly but helpless Apple employees...

(On Feb. 7th he posted about a new M2 Pro mini replacement.)
"Had the first one replaced with exactly the same configuration (M2 Pro, 32GB memory, 2TB SSD, 1GB Ethernet).
Exactly the same problem occurred again.
- j--r"

Others have also said Patrick's tip helped (although for some, nothing solved their problems).
Owners with Wi-Fi or Ethernet problems should send Apple feedback on their system/setup.

I assumed M2 mini owners had the latest macOS Ventura 13.2 installed, but for those with network/internet problems that may not be the case. (Saw 1 new owner showing 45 hours to download the update.) Here's a post from a new M2 Pro mini owner (and frequent forum helper):

" Just took delivery of my M2 Mini Pro yesterday. Came with Ventura 13.1 on it. If you haven't applied the update to 13.2 (as I did), then I would do so and then assess if your Internet issues persist.

I have the Synology RT6600AX router and a Motorola MB8611 modem, both 2.5G capable. There is Cat5e from the modem to the router, and then Cat7 cables from the router back into the household via a Startech 2.5G switch. I have no network slowdown issues with the new M2 mini.

My Wi-Fi right now on the M2 Mini Pro is showing 1300 Mbps and I am 20 feet and a wall from the router.
- VikingOSX"

Unfortunately many other owners using macOS 13.2 are still having problems.
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Previous News Archive Summary:
    January 23rd to 27th, 2023 News Archive
  • macOS Ventura 13.2 (new features, improvements, security fixes).
  • macOS Monterey 12.6.3 Update (security fixes).
  • macOS Big Sur 11.7.3 Update (security fixes).
  • M1 Mac Mini Firmware Update (from Big Sur 11.7.3).
  • Safari 16.3 for macOS Big Sur and Monterey (security fixes).
  • Safari Favorites/Icons Lost after Safari 16.3 Update.
  • Safari Technology Preview 162.
  • HomePod Software Update 16.3.
  • tvOS 16.3 Update (security fixes).
  • iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3 and watchOS 9.3 Updates.
  • iOS 15.7.3 and iPadOS 15.7.3 (security fixes).
  • iOS 12.5.7 Update (WebKit security fix).
  • Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates.

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