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WD/Seagate SATA3 Drive Jumper Tips for Older Macs with onboard SATA1
A recent Seagate SSHD in Mid-2007 MacBook (2,1) report included a jumper setting tip to force SATA1 mode on the Seagate SATA3 drive. (If a SATA3 drive won't auto-negotiate down to 1.5Gbps speed, a jumper setting is required to be usable on a SATA1 interface.) A similar jumper setting tip was posted in 2011 here for using Western Digital SATA3 drives in PowerMac G5s.
   If you have a problem with a SATA3 drive not being usable/recognized (or reliable) in an older Mac with onboard SATA1 interface, check to see if the drive has a jumper setting to force SATA1 mode. (They were put there for this reason.)
   If any reader finds another SATA3 drive model that has/needs a jumper setting for SATA1 use, let me know. (via news at

(The above are drive related issues, but there are also some SATA2 Macs with a chipset that runs SATA3 Drives at SATA1 speed that owners should be aware of before buying a drive replacement/upgrade.)

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