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= Recent Updates/Articles =

Logic Pro X 10.7.5 Update
Logic Pro 10.7.5 update for macOS 12.3 or later. (app store link)
The release notes has a long list of improvements and fixes.
Apple MainStage 3.6.2 Update
App store page for MainStage 3.6.2 update (macOS 12.3 or later).
See the release notes for a very long list of new features and enhancements.
Xcode 14.1 Update
Info from App store for Xcode 14.1 (for macOS 12.5 or later).
- Includes SDKs for iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1, tvOS 16.1, watchOS 9.1, and macOS Ventura.
- About the security content of Xcode 14.1 lists 4 CVEs fixed.
(See linked app store page for more details on Xcode.)

BTW: The Developer releases page had a Nov. 1st dated macOS Monterey 12.6.1, with same build number as the Oct. 24th release IIRC. The article on security fixes in macOS 12.6.1 also has a Nov 1, 2022 date now, but no new CVEs added since the Oct. 27 revision added 7 more. (Not running Monterey but if the build number hasn't changed guessing it's maybe an installer related fix?)

Mac GarageBand version 10.4.7 update
GarageBand version 10.4.7 for macOS 12.3 or later.
See the release notes for a list of new features/improvements.

SoftRAID 7.0 (Supports macOS Ventura)
SoftRAID 7.0 supports macOS Ventura and macOS Monterey. Latest version info in the change log. (Although not mentioned in the v7 change log, I assume M1 support since it was added in version 6 per their Support FAQ.) For SoftRAID 6 and earlier supported macOS versions, see the SoftRAID Compatibility Notes. A Free 14 Day Trial available.
Apple/Products related News, App Updates, Tips, and PR
  • Logic Remote App 1.5.3 (for iOS 14 or later).
    - This update contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Apple TestFlight app version 3.2.3 (app store)
    (Version 3.2.3 available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.)
    - This update includes stability improvements and bug fixes.
    See linked app store page for system requirements.

  • Apple celebrates the holiday season (press release)
    - "This year's Holiday Gift Guide."

  • Pixelmator Pro version 3.1 (app store link, macOS 11.0 or later)
    "Compatible with new macOS Ventura, brings an ultra-fast Pixelmator Pro document opening experience, adds initial support for AVIF images, and introduces an all-new smooth corner style together with options for adjusting the radius of individual corners." (See linked page for more info on improvements.)

  • iOS Pixelmator version 2.8 (app store link, iOS/iPadOS 14.0 or later)
    - See linked App store page for changes and user reviews.

  • Micromat MachineProfile 1.4.15 (free profile app)
    - Updated for macOS 13 Ventura support.
    (at post time the MachineProfile page doesn't list Ventura yet.)
    - Added support for 35W Dual USB-C power adapter.
    - Updated location and machine identification strings.
    - Other minor fixes and enhancements.

  • Seven App Store creators share their tips for forging a career in coding (press release)

  • Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results (press release)
    - September quarter record for Revenue and EPS.
Firefox 106.0.5 Update
Nov. 4th Firefox 106.0.5 release notes has fix for crashes with Intel Gemini Lake CPUs.
Firefox 106.0.4 Update
November 3rd Firefox 106.0.4 release notes lists these fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with DRM Video playback (bug 1797292).

  • Fixed broken layout of datetime input when switching types (bug 1797139).

  • Fixed a crash experienced by some users during media playback (bug 1792115).
This week's Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates
Topic based Guides, Tips & Troubleshooting for Mac & iPhone/iPad/watchOS/tvOS Users.
Other News, PR, Software Updates, and LG TVs Firmware Updates (later first)
Recent Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades and Repairs:
List of Updates, Tips, DIY Upgrades, Repair Articles, and more you may have missed. (Topics range from OS/software/driver updates & troubleshooting, to hardware upgrades and repairs.)
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