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Another report on 2009 Mac Pro Upgrades:
In reply to recent update on page of 2009 Mac Pro 12-core CPU Upgrades:
"2009 Mac Pro Upgrades
I wanted to share what I've done with my machine as others have done. Earlier this year my aging early 2008 Mac Pro was having random shutdowns. I'd replaced the power supply a couple of times a few years earlier and upgraded the GPU to a Radeon 7950 and the CPUs to dual quad 3.33GHz Harpertowns. I suspected the 7950 was causing the problem but decided it was time to look at a new machine.

I found a 2.66GHz 2009 Mac Pro with 6GB ram for $530 on eBay and jumped on it. A local seller had 32GB of 1333MHz ram available for $260 so I gobbled that up as well. When the machine arrived I swapped over my 1TB velociraptor drive, the 7950 card, and installed the ram. I then immediately flashed the EFI to 2010 specs (macpro 5,1). Not seeing any difference I then decided to buy a new processor. Back on eBay I found an X5690 3.46GHz CPU for $215. Got it a few days later, and literally within 10 minutes after opening the packaging, it was installed and up and running with no problems whatsoever. The installation couldn't be easier and certainly a heck of a lot easier than on the 2008 machine. (FYI - While the CPU tray is out, check the Northbridge heat sink plastic retainers to make sure they're still intact.)

All benchmark scores went through the roof with this new processor and increased ram speed. $1,000 for a maxed out Mac Pro with better specs than all but the new machine? Yes please!
-David W.

Thanks Dave. I doubt Apple will ever release another Mac with that many internal upgrade options. And that's a great deal on the ram and CPU. Someone must be blowing out those CPUs (assume used/pulls?); had a couple other reports earlier this year of single CPU Mac Pro owners buying an X series (with dual CPU support) instead of a W series CPU.
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