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Apple Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update v1.2 Info/Download/Tips:
(See below for article with installation instructions & firmware version after update.)
"Thunderbolt Display Firmware Update v1.2
This update improves reliability when connecting devices to the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and addresses a rare issue that may cause the display to go black.
System Requirements: 10.9.4 and later."

FYI: It's not linked/listed in the download page but info on the firmware update version(s) is included in the doc about Thunderbolt Display FW Update 1.2:

".... To determine if the update applied successfully
  1. Choose About This Mac from the Apple menu.
  2. Click More Info and then click System Report.
  3. Click Thunderbolt in the list on the left and locate the Thunderbolt Display section. The Firmware Version should be 26.2 and the Port Micro Firmware Version should be 2.0.7 after the update.

The article also has installation instructions and a note to have no more than 2 Thunderbolt displays connected during the update, with a direct connection using the display's built-in cable.

You can check for feedback on the update in Apple's Thunderbolt Display forum.
(One user reported the update didn't appear in Software Update and the D/L updater said his display was already up-to-date. Some other posts on updater problems or flicker not fixed. And several users posted their Thunderbolt display seems bricked after attempting to update.)
BTW: A tip for blackout/flicker problem was to disable "Automatically Adjust Brightness" option in Display Prefs.

More on Nvidia OS X 10.10 Drivers/CUDA Update Required Problem:
From a post today in one of the apple forum threads on the 'CUDA update required' problem if using Nvidia Driver updates (343.01.01f01 - f03) in OS X Yosemite mentioned here last month. (Workaround was to switch to default OS X driver using nvidia driver mgr prefs.)

"I have raised a Case with Nvidia and it has now been escalated to a Level 2 engineer. I got the following response from the engineer:

'The case was escalated to me. We have received reports of this issue and currently investigating the problem. We're not sure yet why the CUDA Preference is prompting for update but this does sound like a bug we'll need to look into. I'll keep you posted on the issue as the bug is updated.'

I also noticed that driver has now been reverted back to OS X Default Graphics Driver with the NVIDIA Web Driver 343.01.01f03 being Not Compatible according to the NVIDIA Driver Manager Preferences application.

I don't have a OS X Yosemite Mac w/Nvidia card but kept watching for another update (CUDA or graphics driver). The f02 and f03 updates came fairly quickly after f01 but still didn't solve the problem for readers. (And to date, CUDA 6.5.18 for OS X from Sept 19th is still the latest release.) I'm curious if anyone didn't have the 'CUDA update required' problem in Yosemite with the f01-f03 Nvidia driver updates for OS X 10.10.0. (And if so, what was different in their setup.)

Tip/Mod: A later post has notes on editing the CUDA info.plist for a NVDAResmanVersions key for driver version 343.01.01 to prevent the "Update Required" message. (CUDA 6.5.18 was released in September, before driver 343.01.01 although Nvidia did later revise the CUDA 6.5.18 D/L page info to include OS X 10.10.0 in the supported OS list. I wondered then if they'd revised the CUDA D/L also but apparently not. However if the CUDA frameworks needs a key for the current graphics driver version why wasn't it done.)

Updates (Nov. 18/19th): Nvidia released CUDA 6.5.25 for OS X 10.10.x to 10.8.x (Nov. 19th) and 343.01.02f01 graphics update for OS X 10.10.1 (Nov. 18th) but apparently CUDA 6.5.25 STILL doesn't have a graphics driver key for the new (343.01.02) driver so when using both updates you still get the "CUDA Update Required" message. Until they sync their CUDA and Graphics driver updates, the workarounds are the same as before - either edit the CUDA info.plist (see link above) for the current graphics driver version (i.e. 343.01.02) or switch to the OS X default graphics driver using nvidia prefs. (The CUDA 6.5.25 update has a key for the previous 343.01.01 yosemite driver, but not the later 343.01.02 version.)

Apple/products related News/Updates/Tips/Reviews/PR:

For printer driver updates check SU or mfr site for model specific update rather than a large full set download. (And if you're not having problems, don't update. Although some Yosemite owners have.)

(Nov. 12th to 14th) Apple Support/How-To/Troubleshooting Article Updates:

More at page of Tips, Troubleshooting and How-To articles for Mac/OS X/iOS Users.

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